POWERFUL ENERGY…Mind, Body, Spirit–A Legacy


For years, I have written about ENERGY, but I do not think that I have ever, not once, defined the word!  But the day has come as I continue to write about a Family Legacy with Financial Wellness.  There is no way to create that legacy without ENERGY, Money Energy to be specific.  And we will be writing about that as time goes on.  

ENERGY has many definitions, but let’s use this:  strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.  It can be synonymous with many words, but for simplicity here are a few:  vitality, vigor, life, verve, and spark!  

There have been many influences in my work on Money ENERGY, but in the NOW, no one has had more of a profound effect than Deepak Chopra.  I must share the credit for my journey with Money ENERGY with many, but Deepak definitely!  

ENERGY is with us from the time of conception.  Let’s focus a little more on youthful ENERGY.  At the same time it is important to look at the quality of your ENERGY.  Keep in mind that childhood energy is always within no matter your age.  That may surprise you.  It may not seem that way, but it is the quality of the ENERGY that changes when it is not at the level we would like.  When we are told that we look “young”, that refers to the biological or physical state of who we are.  We are usually happy when we are told “you look so young”, and that has a lot to do with the fact that we want to remain young to be able to experience everything we want to experience in life.  I intend to live to at least 104, so that means I have at least one third of my life left.  I have a lot I want to experience.  But to be “young” is not only physical, it is also mental, emotional, and spiritual.  

Every living being with cells has their energy begin with the processing of energy in every cell every moment.  The physical energy has to do with growth, the mental with how we think and process thoughts, the mental and emotional come with development, and spiritual is there always, always has been there.  The processing of youthful energy is ageless and happens through bodily processes such as breathing and more.  ENERGY comes in, energy goes out.  Breathing, eating, digesting, healing are bodily processes involving the creation of ENERGY.  

Different people have different needs at any particular moment of their lives…ENERGY is in the NOW.  Quality also differs from moment to moment, but, when optimized, it is a restful alertness.  Know that ENERGY is constantly renewed as cells live in the moment.  ENERGY can be increased many ways including meditation which is simply a technique.  When used in combination with self care including food, ENERGY can become complete without limits adding to our wholeness, our joy, our creativity, our freshness, and our alertness.  ENERGY!



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And then…

Spiritual Energy 3

Somedays there is just more than you can handle…do it anyway!  Do what you can and know that the world will go on spinning, money will keep flowing, and you will keep breathing.  Time tested, this approach will get you through.  And know this, the world is surrounded by energy of all kinds.  It will support you for as long as necessary!

Weight is Not Just a Woman’s Issue, and It Does Involve Money in More Than One Way…

Money is so totally involved in our every day life and decisions, even on the weekends, and that is a time when many go to the grocery store, farm market, and out to eat!  Several years ago I learned of Geneen Roth and two of her books:  WOMEN, FOOD, AND GOD and LOST & FOUND.  Yes, she is a woman, but she also talks to men about food, money, spirituality.  And they are all connected.  The way we eat is the way we spend in our total lives.  The way we eat affects our binging and hoarding in life.  There is a strong correlation between our cash and our consciousness and mindfulness.  That is why I believe grocery shopping happens on the weekend:  it is a type of entertainment and escape!  It is a time when we toss around the concept that we don’t have “enough”; it is a time when we “stock up” like a winter storm that will last for weeks is coming.  Or, the food we need or do not need is “on sale”.  Food gives us energy literally and figuratively!  It also can lead to regret when we see the total cost and bring it all home to put it away!  Why did we buy all that we did?  Are we undernourished?  In a way, yes, we are.  Eating and spending money, in general, can be a way to try to fill an emotional hole that we many times cannot identify.  If we took the time and found the “hole”, we would have the choice to fill it or not and stop the eating and spending habits that could be making us “poor” in other ways.  We might become content, we might spend less, and we might eat just the right amount that we need for true physical and mental energy. When we overspend and overeat, we are at war with ourselves, or others as well.  How to stop is a forever question…resolve to stop, or resolutions to stop eating as much or spending as much, is quite common at this early part of a year but it usually fades away as the calendar pages turn.  It is very true that looking at simplifying our lives can help…both with money and eating.  It is also true that finding a way to simplify is aided by four simple actions, which can be done together of separately, to find success on a path to reduce overspending and overeating:

  1.  Meditation is so ingrained in my life, but that is because it brings quiet and stillness into my life.  It brings peace.
  2. Paying attention to your feelings.  What is missing?  What had made us feel that we need to spend or to eat more than we really want to in the long term?  When our feelings are positive, we tend to eat and spend less because we are ok.
  3. Breathing when tension or stress begin to show their signs.  Deep breathing for several minutes helps you slow down and listen to…
  4. Intuition.  You and I both know what we need to do and what is right to do.  Intuition is always with us.  Learning to tune in is the key.


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It’s Your Money, Honey!


While it is your money, money does not give you happiness!  And, by the way, I hate it when anyone calls me “honey”, so I hope I got your energy moving when you read that.  While I dislike being called “honey” with a passion, it does not make me unhappy.  I totally believe that you, or me, can find happiness simply by becoming very still, becoming very quiet, and breathing.  We have everything we need to be happy.  Yes, there are additional needs that money can help you with, but nothing beats that internal, mind-body-spirit happiness.  It is the foundation for all of the life you long to live.  Yes, in a way, I am talking about a meditative state, but you can call it whatever you want.  Just be quiet, be still, and really breathe.  It makes everything better!  And, when it comes to the money in your life, here is the solution from the mind-body-spirit perspective:  be quiet, be still, and really breathe.  Really, it puts you into a frame of mind where you will find calm, you will tap into your intuition (whether you believe you are intuitive or not), and you will have energized your total body with the breathing.  Then, you are ready to think about answers to whatever it is you might be questioning.  the mind automatically begins looking for answers once it knows what you are asking…

Apple Glasses Studying

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Looking for Precious Things in Life?

You can

You can have them, yes, you can!  

And, yes, there will be times when feelings such as joy, courage, and gratitude may feel out of reach.  Our life becomes cluttered many times; and many of those times are during transitions.  Transitions such as marriage, divorce, birth, death, a new job or the loss of a job often present us with an overwhelming feeling, much like clutter in our heads, in our hearts, and in our homes.  Money becomes a topic that you want to avoid.  You want things to become simpler.

Eventually, in most situations, things do return to a simpler way of life; but many times, they do not, and that is when our money relationship can be problematic.  In reality, the money relationship may not have been good before the transition began, and the transition can make it worse, and it makes it less desirable to deal with it.  

Going through the transition never seems simple, but it can be simplified.  Sometimes it is something that can be dealt with by us with the help of family and friends; and many times, it is a topic that simply cannot be talked about.  At those times, working with a professional can be helpful.

In the meantime, returning to simplicity in your life can be helpful.  Break things down into manageable pieces.  This is simplicity.  Breathe, and then breathe some more.  It is simple, but it works.  Breathing can bring more oxygen into your system and give you some needed energetic room within your head, heart, and soul to take the next step, which is determining the next step to take.  Simplicity is just that:  simplifying.  

Valentine’s is Coming…


With all the redness in the world, Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is coming.  It is a great day to be reminded about love and gratitude for all who are in our life and for all our life represents to us.  But let’s start today to inhale love and exhale gratitude every day.  It is all a part of being open and accepting to all that our life offers us each day.  It is also being open and accepting to money in our lives.  

It is also being open and accepting to the opportunities for us to put our money back into circulation.  Inhaling money cannot be done literally but it can be done figuratively–accept money and prosperity that comes your way.  Then exhale the gratitude for the money and prosperity.  Then watch how more prosperity and money comes your way naturally, just like inhaling.

Begin to practice, just like breathing, with money…Inhale money, Exhale gratitude, Inhale money.  It does take practice, but then just like breathing, it becomes an automatic action…try it, practice it, see it!


Breathing in a New…

Butterflies...Breathe Them In

Moment, Day,Week, Life?  

It is a melancholy kind of evening as we approach a new week.  There is a feeling within me that is signaling change is coming on big time!  And I know that, but it is different to feel it.

I am fighting the urge to throw out all of my years of journaling; really, I am.  I do not go back to my journals, and I am feeling so strongly that a new book, not just a chapter, but a book, of my life is beginning.  Purging 12 years of life where I currently live as I prepare to move to Oberlin is a challenge, and I have 6 weeks left–a busy 6 weeks–to accomplish all of the packing.  I feel good doing it, and very little is being disposed of.  I have already begun a somewhat minimalist lifestyle, and the things that are going with me in the move are the things that I love.

So why do I just want to put the boxes of journals out with the trash–seriously, I do not care if someone were to pick them up and read them.  There is very little that is juicy in the past 12 years.  And, if they did, what does it matter?  It is like releasing the past in this moment so that I can move on to the future NOW.  

I need to breathe the fresh new air of this moment, so I guess I have made the decision–out the journals go.  Let me breathe the new air.  Let me look at life anew.

Here I Go Again…I Quit as an Adult!


For those of you who regularly read my blogs, they have really been a disappointment this past week…I was going through a tantrum time and really needed a nap and to be sent to my room, which never happened until the last 24 hours.

So, with a deep breath after the tantrum, a literal red cape (I refuse to turn the furnace on yet!), and in my jeans and tee shirt, I am finally back.  I am struggling to regain control of my life in so many areas.  You see, the problem is balance.  When I follow my own directives and go with “balance”, life gets really screwed up!

So, with the “balance” theme, seven days ago, with an unexpected text on Saturday morning came an invitation to meet with someone I had been waiting to hear from for several weeks, but it had to be at the Oberlin Farm Market which was open for only a little over 2 more hours.  I was still in bed–sleeping in, trying to get the rest so I would not need the “nap”–had to shower, grab some nutrition, and drive 45 minutes, but I did it.  Had the meeting with 2 people I needed to meet for a 2017 venture when I move to Oberlin–successful, and I did all of my local, organic shopping at the same time!  But while there, I received a phone call from my daughter-in-law with the wonderful question, “What are you doing tomorrow morning?”  Carefully answering, it resulted in an invitation to go with her and my two grandsons — 29 months and 7 months– to the Lego Fest…  In case you have never been to a Lego Fest, and this was my first, it is a place for 29 month olds to run like crazy and play on solid cement floors with Legos for hours, not stopping until forced to eat and then leave.    So much for balance; it leads to exhaustion!  In between the Oberlin Farm Market and the Lego Fest, mundane chores like cooking all the natural foods from the Farm Market, and doing laundry for the upcoming marathon week…And that was just the weekend.

And then Election Day, which I promised myself I would not watch the returns, but I did.  Then another surprise meeting opportunity which will expand my coaching into assisting an ADHD Coach with her clients on financial matters.  The meeting was with a holistic practitioner who is also going to be on the team, which led to a wonderful introduction to a healthy aging tool, and more introductions and meetings.  Then, this is still Wednesday, it was time to visit my Sprint store to upgrade to the iPhone 7.  I spent three hours in that venture, and I always forget that this is never cheap, and it was not, but I walked alway with a new iPad and the iPhone 7, both of which were upgrades I needed.  My three year old Samsung tablet which was presenting issues on not being able to accept upgrades and apps has now been wiped clean and prepared with games for a three-year old human named Liam.  He will be so thrilled tomorrow!  All he knows is that it is an “IPAD”.  Whew!

Then that same Wednesday evening was the monthly gathering of my newest women’s networking group in Lorain County, Ohio.  This six month old group is growing beautifully, and the noise level in the room is my truest indicator that the group is becoming successful for each of the members…

Finally, Thursday arrives, with another 7:30 AM Event which was a semi-annual event on the beautiful Rocky River coast, and many more contacts to focus on.  On to a 10 AM meeting with a local banker, followed by a stop at a local merchant whose products I love in Rocky River, connecting with a candle maker who only uses the healthy stuff for candles!  She will be connected to three of my members of my Westside networking group who deal in essential oils, reiki, and massages!  

And then the real fun began on Thursday…at about 12:30, ready to work, the escapade with Time Warner Cable began.  While I will not expend the energy to go through that again…it was disruptive from 12:30 to 10 PM that evening with diverse conversations with folks in the Philippines and Indonesia with no resolution until the local technician happened pos top in front of my house and informed me of what the problem was….and more and more.  That never resolved itself until Saturday morning with another two technicians coming to my home to finally get my WIFI stabilized and to update anything that Time Warner could update!

Friday was a slow day with almost two hours involved with the healthy aging venture followed my the normal three hours of creating one of the newsletters for the East networking group and then crashing.  

Then the Saturday crash took hold as I went off to an important business function when the Time Warner issue was resolved, and when I got home, I did crash…

Unfortunately, the blogs were a victim of this week…and the week starts over tomorrow, but I am really trying to redefine “balance” this week…please wish me well with that.  In the meantime, I am no longer in tantrum mode…

Spontaneous Happiness?


in 2011, Andrew Weil, M.D. penned a book by the title of SPONTANEOUS HAPPINESS, and it is worth revisiting in this time of anxt and lack of joy at times.  Emotional well being is important, it is mandatory for happiness.  And emotional well being is quite dependent upon physical well being; the two are interlocked together…

You cannot optimize emotional well being without caring for the physical body as physical disease is directly linked to emotions.  And the most basic item is breathing…not just automatic breathing but conscious breathing.

Think of the Universe, as it pulses through billions of years, it breathes in and it breathes out in many forms, and we are a part of the Universe, and so we breathe.

2016 is Already Here…Let’s Get Started!

Meditation How To

Empower Excellence and my blog empowerexcellencewithjan focus on transitional and transformational work through a coaching mode.  While I am not a conventional coach, I have a total of over 20 years in traditional and nontraditional financial work.  Being in financial planning for over 12 years, I saw so many transitional situations that totally rocked my clients’ financial worlds.  That is the reason I do what I do!

You will find conversations here that deal with many things including self esteem, spirituality, women’s issues, men’s issues, relationship issues, career issues, and more.  Every single thing has a relationship with money.  Every person has a relationship with money.  End of story…  Pick and choose what applies to you, and I hope I will touch someone eery single time I write my blog.

So today, early in the year, I am providing another building block that not only helps with your money relationship but also with your total life.  Meditation is simply going within.  I have been a meditator for almost 20 years, but I have always had my conversations with a higher power, and I do mean always.

Meditation is a life tool.  Meditation is personal just as money is very personal.  There is no way that you have to follow to meditate correctly just as there are no hard and fast rules to follow in your money relationship.  Take everything one step at a time when you are ready to begin whether it is meditation or money.