R-Evolution with Money & Women…

In this month’s issue of SUCCESS, Actress Monique Coleman shares an item entitled “Don’t be afraid to take risks.”  And, yesterday, reading a book on HYGGE, it came to me that I am very comfortable proclaiming that I am beginning a money revolution.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am up, fed, showered, and dressed just […]

Logic Can be Laughable but True!

Money can make you cry, but it can also make you laugh!  Choose laughing!  Not everything is the end of the world; drama can kill you, literally!  Take the time to breathe first before making money decisions.  Take the time to deep breathe three times and then think through the logic of any decision; find a […]

Passion Not Totally About Raging Desire!

Passion can be many things; can you describe your passion?   Have you ever come alive and became bursting at the seams to share? Passion is truly what is yours to do.  Do you have issues?  What is holding you back?  But the two basic questions are: Who are you? What can you offer? It all starts with […]

I’m About to Lose Control, and…

I think I hate it!.  Anyone who has children knows that the idea of being in control as a parent is a major waste of energy.  You can think you are in control, but you are not!  Money is the same way.  It really is.  You can have control or you can have your dreams…I […]

Clearing Energy…A New Transformative Path

Butterflies are being sighted everywhere, but especially on my path to Oberlin!  It is time to breathe in, breathe out, and move on.  New people, new places, and a new home are all in the view of today…We all need to clear energy periodically.  We all need to make time for our dreams.  Money is […]

Meditating, What is it Really?

Meditation.  A simple concept made complicated by so much in the popular media.  It really is so simple.  It is a takeoff on what I spoke of yesterday…listening.  But this time the listening is listening to yourself…  Really, that is the simplest way to meditate.  I am not talking about rehashing your to do list, rethinking […]