AWE Opens Up So Much…

Some Sundays are very laid back, and some Sundays are not! Yesterday was a phenomenal awe-awakening day, and I must share. Yes, sharing is what led me to the phenomenal AWE day. Rarely do I have the time to really probe the wonderful pieces of wisdom that are sent to me through my selected social media friends. I try very hard to be selective, and I am not always successful in finding the gems that lie within the hearts of others that they choose to share with me. But yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, I made the time, and The Universe really let me have it, in a good way!

The above picture was shared by a new friend in Phoenix who posts as WISDOM WALKS…so far I have not found the name of the person behind this post, and I would like to. She “liked” my EMPOWER Excellence FB page, and, I am now “following” her page. But it is this photograph that she posted that caught my eye, and this is why:

Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D., thank you for posting on BLUE MIND! It is a beautiful piece of work, and I have ordered the book locally. Your question of “DO YOU HAVE A BLUE MIND?” and “DO YOU HAVE A RED MIND?” occupied my day with the five sessions available to view. I love this! Maybe I love it because it is so in line with my thinking on life and money in life. I will be ordering BLUE MARBLES to support your foundation soon. I shared on social media with three friends: Tina who is an engineer focusing on water issues, Mary Jane who is sharing our organization AWE at this time, and Bonnie who is focusing on nature psychology! But it is Paul Piff’s session within your work on line that really captured me. This was a “Thank You God” moment, and here is why:

Paul Piff, of the Morality, Emotion, & Social Hierarchy Lab at the University of California Irvine, you are AWEsome! On March 2 of this year, the State of Ohio registered Aging Women of Wisdom, LLC on behalf of myself and my co-collaborator Mary Jane Brigger as we set off on our journey of the moral, emotional and social implications facing women of all ages as they age. The introduction to AWW (Aging Women of Wisdom) has come to be known as AWE, Ageless Women Emerging. But, your session with J. Nichols was priceless in your story of AWE, a story which for us is just beginning as an organization but which both Mary Jane and I have lived our lives in awe for years. Your words on the science of awe, captured what was in our hearts. It is in your words a “family” of emotions, and it does rearrange our understanding of the world in order for it all to make sense. Awe is universal, it is a collective emotion, and nature is a major source of awe. “Awe Shifts Us” Thank you, Paul Piff!

So now, we have shared only a minor part of yesterday, but the rest is so strong in my heart that it will come bouncing onto this page in the future. Our AWE (Agless Women Emerging) has been born out of AWW, and it is time for the creation to grow slowly while the mother AWW rests until it is her time to shine!