Money Emotion, Confidence, & Behavior


Most people are looking for peace with their money relationships, and there are many roads on which to travel to get to that peace!  To start with emotion, confidence, and behavior is a good start.  It is the start of mental strength.  It is knowing that you are going to be fine with your money.  And sometimes that feeling of confidence comes not only from mental strength but also from spiritual strength.  More appropriately, spiritual strength comes from faith.  And this is a tricky area to work in when you begin creating a good money relationship; and that is because money is very complicated and tricky.  But to know that you WILL be ok no matter what in whatever part of our life, and especially with money, comes from a deeply instilled confidence of faith.  That touches on every taboo that a person may hold in their hearts, and it is risky to go there before a person signals a readiness to go there.  So the answer is to go slow:  gauge the emotion, feel the confidence, and watch the behavior–the body language–before touching on “faith”.  It will become apparent that someone is open to approaching their faith confidence.  If it is not, then the simple areas of emotion, confidence, and behavior can get you started on the evolution of your money relationship!

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2018: Can You Live “Wealthy” This Year?

Trust Yourself

In my live moment on Empower Excellence @financialwellnessforall on Facebook today, I took a brief moment to put self esteem front and center in regards to your energy with money.  The graphic above from Michael Bernard Beckwith is a strange rendition of self esteem, but self esteem is really about trusting yourself way down deep and then reaping the rewards of doing that.

While many of my clients are women, self esteem is a major issue that I deal with in order to get to solutions of problems and relationships with money.  So many times, folks simply want to get an easy formula to bring wealth into their lives, especially at the beginning of a new year.  While that does not usually work, because the problems go way deeper than just wanting to become wealthy, I believe in giving some folks what they want.  So from an article in SUCCESS magazine from January, 2017 by Tom Corley, here are 10 Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom in a Year.

  1. Broke Habit 1:  You Spend Too Much on Housing
  2. Broke Habit 2:  You Spend Too Much on Cars
  3. Broke Habit 3:  You Develop Habits by Association
  4. Broke Habit 4:  You Rely on Credit Cards to Finance Your Lifestyle
  5. Broke Habit 5:  You Spend on a Whim
  6. Broke Habit 6:  You Gamble Too Much
  7. Broke Habit 7:  You Overspend on Entertainment
  8. Broke Habit 8:  You Don’t Save
  9. Broke Habit 9:  You Don’t Track Your Spending
  10. Bad Money Habit 10:  You Don’t Bargain Shop

Simple right?  Oh yes, it is simple to just make all of these changes and begin to live a wealthy life.  You can change every one of the above behaviors, I have no doubt.  BUT, if you do not go deeper to find the reason for the behaviors, it will not last.  Yes, that is where self esteem enters the picture.  Think about all of the above and then begin to think about the “WHY” behind each one.  The author of the SUCCESS article is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner.  I left his industry to begin working with the real relationships folks have with money.  Until the self esteem issue is recognized and resolved, any behavior changes will only be temporary…  Recognize the self esteem issue, you change the energy, and then The Energy of Money can follow!


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