Reboot and Emerge…

Lately, my computer has been slowing down, so this morning I rebooted everything, and now I know from how I have been feeling since the beginning of the year–an experience in estrangement, the launching of a co-collaboration of Ageless Women of Wisdom, the extreme focus of getting the collaboration flowing, and then the dissolution of […]

AWEsome Beach Glass… Getting Ready to be Ready!

As Esther Hicks often says, “Getting ready to be ready, to be ready.” And that is what beach glass does. It is also what caterpillars do, I think. Both beach glass and butterflies, two of my favorite things, are part of transformational change on their own personal level. And, in the end, they become the […]

Everyone Can be Beautiful…

It is quite obvious that the pictured bejeweled butterfly has had some help becoming as beautiful as she is.  It is like the commercial for the Maya and Marty television show, silly to the point of nonsensical, where Maya Rudolph contemplates edible diamonds.  Everyone knows that diamonds have no nutritional value, they are beautiful and valued. […]

Butterflies Know Transformation!

    Butterflies have a wonderful story.  They begin as caterpillars, thinking (but we really do not know what they think, do we?) that they are destined to be furry creatures that capture the attention of both young and old.  What we do know about butterflies is that they do go through a transition more […]

Appreciate the Beauty, Then UnderstandYou are Beautiful!

Take the time during the holidays to appreciate the simple beauty all around you, such as a butterfly…  Time at this time of the year is a precious commodity, and I, for one, have come to resent, the hustle bustle when I work so hard to keep calm and serenity in my life.  But I find […]

Are You Ready to Transform, Are You Ready To Be Great With Money?

NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE BIOLOGICALLY, NO MATTER YOUR BACKGROUND, NO MATTER YOUR BELIEFS, YOU ARE EVER EVOLVING, YOU ARE GROWING, YOU ARE CHANGING, YOU ARE RECREATING YOU YOU ARE TRANSFORMING! You can face the challenges transformation poses… Think about the caterpillar Think about the butterfly YOU, my dear, are a caterpillar, YOU, my […]

Everyone & Everything is Related, We Are All One, We Are Related to Our Money! WHAT????

  YES, EVERYTHING IS INTERRELATED! And humanity is now deciding which species will survive (and which ones will not)! Interesting that parental care through the ages was learned; sensibility, caring, empathy, and compassion evolved from that.   Mother Nature is one of our most interesting examples of parental care.  The human psyche experiences all of […]