Your Lane, Your AWEsome Road is THE ROAD…

Time is its own element. We can try to control it, to make things happen on our time schedule, but just like a freeway we cannot control the traffic. The best we can do is to find our lane and allow the flow of traffic to show itself. Have you ever felt that way? It is difficult to learn, isn’t it, to find the natural rhythm of your life. But when you do, you will discover a force far greater than anything you ever thought you possessed. This has happened many times for me, and it keeps changing. Have you witnessed a game changer of a day? Did your light begin to burn or burn brighter? Did you discover your inner warrior? For some reason today the song WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS is playing nonstop in my head, and now it could very well begin to play in yours. So snatch your power back, burn your light brighter, and begin to play the game in your lane and flow through life like the freeway when it flows! Your road is your AWEsome road!

And the AWEsomeness grows…

Wow, what a few weeks it has been getting to today and the beginning of sanity! Such symbolism with the flash flooding in Oberlin as the old is washed away. Yes, the transition has begun with many lessons learned. There has been much learned that can be shared, much as the wisdom that will be shared with AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM! Much has also been learned to be shared with EMPOWER EXCELLENCE and its PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CONNECTION. This is the transition to sanity. And I am grateful!

AWEsome Beach Glass… Getting Ready to be Ready!

As Esther Hicks often says, “Getting ready to be ready, to be ready.” And that is what beach glass does. It is also what caterpillars do, I think. Both beach glass and butterflies, two of my favorite things, are part of transformational change on their own personal level. And, in the end, they become the beautiful creations of nature that are dearly collected and loved. We, as humans, are much the same. We start as an embryo, hidden away from even the one who is about to give birth to us. We become infants, helpless but develop into toddlers, teens, young adults, and with our aging we constantly change. It is as we age, if we take the time, we can see the beauty–the beauty of our soul–manifest differently than the beauty of a new born baby. We have spent our whole existence getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready for the AWEsomeness of maturity and the wisdom that we have accumulated through each stage of life!

Awesome YOU, no matter!

One-quarter of the year is over, almost! Are you on track to do what you want to do in 2019? If yes, celebrate. If not, get back on track, and quit worrying about it. It could be, with or without your knowledge, something or someone is stealing your energy!

Along with the lack of energy, your sense of accomplishment can disappear if you let it. So, do not let it. Identify the pesky thieves, probably more than one, dust them off of your life, and get on with the year. Clean up your act.

Get back on track. Clean up your act and find your “AWE” and then your “AWW” and become AWEsome once again!