A Favorite Word For So Long!

For as long as I can remember, “AWW” was a favorite word of mine when I would spot a beautiful flower, a charming child, a singing bird, or a fantastic butterfly. I never gave it much thought, I just used it all of the time. And then…then came along AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. “AWW”, perfect. And the alternate spelling “AWE” came into play in the first phase of AWW this summer with our introductory phase AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING. It was a natural, and it remains with the movement. But it is more than just an expression, it is “collective” emotion as claimed by Professor Dacher Keltner many years ago. In an article by Paul Piff he went on to explain that AWE motivates people to do things that enhance the greater good. It seems that AWE arouses altruism, it gives people a different sense of themselves ,of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

AWW is Transformation as Beautiful as Lake Erie Beachglass!

AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom is moving towards its launch on October 16th…AWW is all about the SHARING of Wisdom across all generations of women. It was a beautiful SHARING when my longtime friend Suzanne who lives along Lake Erie granted me permission to use the photo after posting it on Facebook. Suzanne and I have been friends for 25 years and we are of different generations. We have shared much in previous years, and I really believe we can consider it the SHARING of wisdom. The arrival of this photo on Facebook today was purely synchronistic as today is the day AWW is transitioning from its initial phase of AWE Ageless Women Emerging to AWW which will be sponsoring personal retreats in 2020, and beach glass collected by me over the years will be SHARED with the October 16th Launch event participants. Beach glass is transformation in itself, and that is what AWW is all about. This photograph itself is what AWW is all about–SHARING with other women across generations the wisdom that every woman possesses. Thank you, Suzanne, for SHARING!

The Transformation is On Schedule…AWE to AWW!

You may call me a dreamer, but I am not the only one! The creation of the AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING this summer began with talk in the Summer of 2018. It was a conversation about collaboration. Like all conversations, some of the words held promise, but promise is not always real. The parent company AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM became a legal entity in the latter part of Winter 2018-2019 and the vision was set forth. It was a possibility. And then a schedule was set, and the dream and the possibility now had the reality of bones. Reality can be a journey of awakening. What had begun as a collaboration became in late Spring a solo entrepreneurship, and the reality became scheduled with real dates and real people. And I had learned many lessons, but the dream lived on.

Today, with summer fading into the beautiful season of fall, my time of the year, I am celebrating the dream that became the vision that is now a schedule for many months to come, and it is a reality that is now my reality. Since June, there have been three conversational sessions of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. Conversation leads to participation, and the dream of having women choose the topics for future retreats in 2020 became the vision and now is the reality of having almost 100 topics chosen by the participants of AWE the AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING group who I have so much admiration for…they took on the idea of my dream, envisioned it, and made it a reality to begin the transformation from AWE to AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom on October 16th.

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW is the SHARING of WISDOM across the generations of women through retreats and programs beginning in 2020 at ten different retreat venues, steeped in nature, across Northern Ohio. This is the time for women of all ages to invest in self care for themselves, and more importantly, it is the time for all generations , all ages, “Ageless”, of women to SHARE the Wisdom they all have. This is not metaphysical wanderings, this is reality. What they want to learn from others in 2020 to make their life better. This is the awakening of the women to schedule time for themselves once a month, in the middle of the week because it is that important to be on their calendars for a whole day, one day out of an average 30-day month , a little more than 3% of their total month. The women of AWE this summer did exactly that–they scheduled 1 day of the month to work on AWE. They SHARED conversation, they SHARED what they would like to make their lives better in 2020. This was personal, not professional, in nature, and still they came. They know that their personal life affects their professional life, and they came, they talked, and they SHARED.

This is the beginning of a transformation of AWE to AWW… Stay tuned about October 16th’s THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor, and the sharing with many women all of the almost 100 topics for the 2020 retreat program which will be unveiled that day.

Why is AWW different? Because the potential participants have already begun to participate and to have ownership of the intent of AWW…SHARING WISDOM ACROSS THE GENERATIONS OF WOMEN.

The dream of summer 2018 became the vision and is now a reality because of the women who SHARED this summer, and I thank them all with my head, with my heart, and with my soul!

Thank you to Jessica H for sharing this wise thought this morning!

AWE Ageless Women Emerging…get ready for the Transformation…

Summer is passing quickly, and today at a local Winery, women will join in the third conversation of the Summer to SHARE their WISDOM about making their personal lives better. Much has been shared, and much will be shared today as we prepare to SHARE all the WISDOM of the summer at THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN IN OCTOBER. With a rainy summer and extremely hot temperatures, today, like the other two conversational days, is temperate and sunny. The Universe likes what is happening in the conversations of AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING!

This morning brought WISDOM to me that AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, the parent company of AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING, was really and truly an outgrowth of EMPOWER Excellence, my first company with the logo of Energy and the Butterfly.

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is the Transformation of Women through SHARING their WISDOM. It is like the journey of the butterfly. Today all women conversing with us will be the caterpillars experiencing their beginning their journey to becoming the butterfly over the coming months through 10 daylong retreats in 2020. The big difference from any other retreats is that all of the women who have participated in AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING have chosen the topics that will be included in the retreats. They are the caterpillars nurturing themselves into the future butterflies. And they are beautiful. Today is the day the transition begins for them and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

The Emotional Climate: LOVE YOUR LIFE………… “Ama Tu Vida”

You are living in your own emotional climate, and only you can change it. Without rehashing all that has happened in my life this year, I know of what I speak. This morning has been an eye opener even before I stepped out of bed. My meditation was inspired by an online topic of “emotional climate” and how to change that, which I have been in the process of doing in many ways since June. Try a morning walk through your neighborhood, small town, or city. My eyes took over my brain taking me places I had been many times but for the first time seeing them through loving eyes. More blogs will include other photos my heart took this morning. But AMA TU VIDA, this year’s community chalk art is still as beautiful as June when it was created. “Love Your Life” is the translation, and it gave me goose bumps. Where can you go in your area where you can walk, where you can stroll, and where you can capture what you love about your life?

As we approach the transition of AWE Ageless Women Emerging, and the last summer conversation this week, we are moving toward AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. I needed this transition to reach this point. I needed to let go of all that happened in the past in order to lead participating women through this transition, to help them see through new eyes what they love and what they want to change. I am shaken by what I felt.

What do you need to do for you to change your emotional climate? To see through new eyes? To feel goose bumps again in your life? Please take a walk and see what happens…May you also say AWE when you do! I went from planning a move FROM Oberlin to LOVING OBERLIN anew…you, too, can change the Emotional Climate of your life.

Believe in Yourself…It Takes Time, But It is Worth Time, AWE!

So easy to say, but hard to do! But when you do you can do anything. Yes, you will still have doubts but they will evaporate quicker, you will regain your composure, and you will be able to accomplish whatever you want, but you will not always be able to control the timing, you still need your Higher Power whatever it is. The belief in yourself comes from your Higher Power, which is your Source within you, call it conscience, call it intuition, call it YOU. And it will not happen overnight even though you were born with it…Remember that, work on believing, and AWE you will get there. Believe in that!

Whatever Wednesdays’ Stories End & Really Begin!

The Summer of AWE Ageless Women Emerging began in June with our Conversations of Whatever Wednesdays, continued in July and ends on August 28. So far more than 20 participants have gathered, conversed, and SHARED topics that would make their lives better. That continues August 28 at Michael Angelo’s Winery in a bucolic patio setting, with sunshine promised, and it is the end of this phase of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW. But it is really the beginning of women coming together one by one to SHARE their stories. It has been interesting and validating and continues on October 16th with the LAUNCH of AWW with a morning of professional comedy for women and the culminating roundtable decision making to choose the topics for the 2020 goal of AWW: Personal Retreats with Presenters and Self Care Providers…It is all about SHARING by women of all ages through conversation, entertainment and retreats. It is the SHARING of their stories casually and with their participation in choosing retreat topics. We have already learned the value of the phrase “Me too” and it has already begun new acquaintances, friendships, and liberation of letting the stories flow in snippets, sentences, and stories…it is a pathway to alleviating the alone feelings we sometimes feel until we begin to SHARE part of ourselves…beginning starts with an ending to the silence, and Whatever Wednesdays were not quiet. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AWE: janicelitterst@gmail.com

AWE into AWW…Change!

Ageless Women Emerging (AWE) began in the Spring, a time for nurturing and growth, a time for evolution and emergence. Before Summer AWE took root with greater strength and a positive outlook for reaching out to women for participation through conversation, and it worked. One final conversation session in the sunlight happens in 10 days. AWE is bringing in with the advent of Fall AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM(AWW), the underlying reason for which is SHARING wisdom across the generations of women to bring forward the potential of making all women’s lives better in ways the women themselves are developing through AWE and will become more available through AWW… The women have already produced more than 70 topics for consideration for a 2020 PERSONAL Retreat Series. Through this series, AWW will have 10 PERSONAL retreats throughout Northeast Ohio, one month at a time, one day at a time, one woman at a time to have the SHARING of conversations to grow and change over all generations…this is participation through conversation,

LOVE is Where We Choose to LIVE…

Love is getting a lot of public exposure recently with the appearance and new popularity of Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. The debates have not been a popular way to be entertained for me since 2016, but my allegiance to Marianne Williamson led me back to this year’s political circus. In reality, this graphic today hit me as a representation for me of the recent debates: I am letting the candidates monitor all the disaster and bad news in the world. I am satisfied to feel what I feel and then to move on letting the candidates stress while Marianne reminds me that love is where I live.

I invite you to pick a candidate if that so moves you and then to find where you live. It can be love or it can be another feeling.

Beginning August 1st, my newest company AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM “AWW” moved into the next phases from AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING “AWE” and the invitation to the launch event was successfully completed in my first Eventbrite project and successfully connected to Constant Contact. At 4:10 pm that day, I was sharing wine at Delmonico’s in Cleveland with a kindred soul who is launching a “really big” project. That was when the invite went out to several hundred contacts. The event is October 16th and entitled ‘THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Factor“. It is a fun comedy and will kick off everything “AWW” is meant to be. More about that in the coming days.

Subconsciously, I chose August 1st because it is a month when much in my birth family is celebrated. I knew I had to get “AWW” going so that I could move back into some type of balance since becoming the sole owner of “AWW” on May 31st. There is no doubt that my father, who passed away almost four decades ago, would be quite disgruntled in the workaholic I have become. Today is his birthday, and I am working my way back into balance… I am actually reading a book this evening in his honor. CITY OF GIRLS, Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest, is my choice because it is about a generation that my father referred back to often. I am finding my way with success, with having grandsons, and with my way forward. A sense of contentment descended upon me within the last month or so, and I am happy in Oberlin. My father probably had the greatest influence on me, both positive and negative. The positive was the greatest gift, his love of books and libraries. I remember our first trips to a really old library in Cleveland, the one he lived near growing up, and we would go together to discover our latest treasures. Libraries are a favorite place of mine still. The negative needs to be shared to be fair. He tried to teach me to “keep quiet” to avoid conflict. I never did learn that lesson, and today I am one of the most direct people I know. And it does cause conflict, but it saves my soul! I am better at it, feeling the conflict, seeing the conflict, but now more than ever I know where I live: Love is where I live.

Ageless Women of Wonder soon to appear just like Beach Glass!

A version of this blog was originally published on June 28 and Source and time were conspiring with me to accomplish what needs to be done, and today that was to help create a logo for AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom, LLC. That has been accomplished…

Building in beach time this year has to become a priority and not necessarily for the sun and water but for the possibility of beach glass to literally flow into my view and my life. I have always been an “awe” walker looking for the moments when something comes into view that makes you stop and whisper “awe”. It could be beach glass as it sparkles in the water and sun and stops me in my tracks as I walk along the local beaches. It is a moment to stop and pick up the sparkling object and sometimes it is not glass but plastic or a leaf or paper. No matter, when I find a gem of glass, if it is significant in my collection, I stop and save it in my little bag I carry for the safekeeping of pieces until I reach home and wash and dry each piece and decide where it will find its temporary home. A view like above becomes reconfigured and displayed as memories of those solitude “awe” walks along the beaches. It is then a little story of where I am now in mind, heart, and soul as I move forward in my life and in my walks. It is all a part of the FLOW I became part of in the billion year story of the Universe. It is a total story of AWE, and I learned a long time ago, I am the heroine of my story as I continue to FLOW. AWE is a sharing of that FLOW unto each person who feels their calling into the walk of “awe” in their universe, and it is the invitation to you to become part of AWE now…

And, today, it is the photo from which the AWW Logo became a reality!

From here, the beach glass will continue to inspire as it took centuries to go from a grain of sand to glass and back to the beaches again…kind of like each of us coming from dust and returning to dust one day. But in the meantime, we shine and sparkle just like a tiny piece of beachglass. You are all an inspiration!

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