The Awesomeness of Fear

Everywhere I look today the word “awe” or “awesomeness” pops up! It is driving me a little bit crazy but I know it is reticular activation, but it is still unnerving. And I really do not want to go into the scientific explanation, I just know what is happening, and I love it! Awe shifts us, and I do mean us because it is a universal emotion, it is a collective emotion. It is where there is a shift from me to we. It is huge!

But there is a sad part of awe. Nature is a major provider of awesomeness, and there is a deficit of folks spending time in nature. This is a lack in society, and it is up to me and we to cherish and protect the awe in nature. We are scrambling in the world, and it is no secret. In Brian Swimme’s work on the powers of the Universe, our world is in a cataclysmic state. We do not need to delineate everything that is wrong. Awe may be our hope. It is our childlike wonder that makes us stop and breathe and mentally and verbally whisper “awe”. It is the side of us that is still the child with the open curiosity.

While awe is hard to capture, hard to define, hard to measure, our body responds to awe; it reduces stress! It is up to us to make time for awe. It is time for goosebumps to return to our everyday existence. And it can be so simple, so very simple as taking a walk. Join me in a daily walk with no other goal than to experience awe wherever we might find it. I call it my “awe walk”. Walk with me into the awe that surrounds us…