What Does AWE Ageless Women Emerging Ask of YOU?

Absolutely nothing! AWE, as the first phase of AWW, Ageless Women of Wisdom, simply gave YOU an opportunity to come together with women of all ages, thus the word “Ageless”, to have conversations without obligation and without cost with other women about what you would like to see different in your life. But it did […]

The Well is Within Us…AWE

Thich Nhat Hanh has much wisdom and he shares that wisdom with everyone, everyone who is open to receiving it. Any of us can share a gift with another but the recipient is not always aware and attentive to receive the gift. Every woman, and man, has wisdom which accumulates from the day of birth. […]

There are so many AWEsome Human Beings Out there in NATURE…

Nature is our home, part of our family, and I know that NATURE HEALS. There is a universal connection with nature. Moods can be changed while changing our physical well being in nature. Health can be maintained and healed in all ages and generations as each of us can become calmer reconnecting with our inner […]

Sharing You with a Community…AWE!

Let’s bring some color to this page today to celebrate the black and white Helena Bonham Carter graphic! Celebrate a woman who shared, and begin to share what you do in all parts of your life so that it can be celebrated. When Ageless Women Emerging AWE began this year, to me, it was a […]