AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM 2020 Begins Now! #Ageless Women of Wisdom #AWW #voices #Empower

2020 is the inaugural year for AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW with the team for our May retreat meeting today to plan “FINDING & LISTENING TO OUR VOICES”. In the Summer of 2019 AWE AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING developed over 100 topics to make life better in 2020 on a personal level. This is a beginning to setting voices free…finding our voices! More importantly is the “listening” which continues today!

What Does AWE Ageless Women Emerging Ask of YOU?

Absolutely nothing! AWE, as the first phase of AWW, Ageless Women of Wisdom, simply gave YOU an opportunity to come together with women of all ages, thus the word “Ageless”, to have conversations without obligation and without cost with other women about what you would like to see different in your life. But it did not end there. In June and July, there were two gatherings, and 70 ideas were shared and preserved. In late August, the final AWE conversation will occur. It is open. A call to the author of this blog can provide you with the information. When that third conversation finishes, The Summer of AWE will be headed into Fall and the launch of AWW. It is a transition in this transformative effort, and it will be celebrated with the local artist Mary Faktor presenting THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN, a comedy to lead into the transition. And the launch will include the active choosing of topics to be shared in 2020 through the Ageless Women of Wisdom Seminar Series…yo see, AWE and AWW ask nothing of YOU other than the natural sharing that women to bring their wisdom to share with other women. All women benefit, including YOU. For further information call Jan Litterst at 440-670-2252 or place a comment today.

The Well is Within Us…AWE

Thich Nhat Hanh has much wisdom and he shares that wisdom with everyone, everyone who is open to receiving it. Any of us can share a gift with another but the recipient is not always aware and attentive to receive the gift. Every woman, and man, has wisdom which accumulates from the day of birth. So many times, a young girl, and then as a woman, fails to be aware and attentive to the internal gift of wisdom she may possess even for the enlightenment, peace, and joy that wisdom may give to her at any age. The wisdom stays buried through the ages of her life, and someday it may surface, and it may not. If it does not surface on its own, with the awareness of the woman, it may actually become a constant irritant wanting to surface, but the woman has no idea for her discontent internally. There may be longings, there may be anxiety, there may be unhappiness and no one can make the wisdom rise but the woman herself and it can be through communication with others, especially other women. Beginning today, Ageless Women Emerging (AWE) begins to transform into Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW), and the sharing begins with THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Factor. (Details available throughout social media and for the event on October 16th!) This is how the SHARING begins…are you ready to receive?

There are so many AWEsome Human Beings Out there in NATURE…

Nature is our home, part of our family, and I know that NATURE HEALS. There is a universal connection with nature. Moods can be changed while changing our physical well being in nature. Health can be maintained and healed in all ages and generations as each of us can become calmer reconnecting with our inner nature. Art incorporating nature can be therapy as well. A good friend Bonnie MacKay lives in nature both literally and in the classroom and art studio.

TO BE HEALED BY THE EARTH is a book I love written by Cleveland healer Warren Grossman. His story talks of his relationship with nature which all of us can replicate! His book is in my car along with a yoga mat for sessions with the Earth!

SERENITY SOUNDS YOGA many times takes its yoga sessions to the beaches of Lake Erie but even more wonderful is when the founder Katherine Carp plays her singing bowls in Nature on the beach and elsewhere. Meditation, yoga, and simple symphonies provided by natural means become so heavenly.

There are so many friends and acquaintances who practice healing in nature. Please do comment and let’s talk about your practice.

With the founding of AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom earlier this year ( the concept included the sharing of wisdom across all generations through one-day retreats in 2020 and overnight retreats in 2021. The flow of topics is being developed not by AWW but by participants in the three SUMMER OF AWE (Ageless Women Emerging) conversation sessions of what women would like to participate in to change their lives for the better and to design their individual story moving forward. The summer sessions were held in the outdoor, natural settings of a new winery in Richfield, Ohio. Somehow the Universe smiled on the sessions with amazing sunshine in one of the rainiest summers I can recall in Northeast Ohio.

And as AWW/AWW progresses, Wendy Osborne Kertesz appeared as one of my LinkedIn Connections so connected to nature through her MONARCH a living resort that is developing in Canal Fulton, Ohio. There was a connection, but there is a now greater connection as Wendy is realizing the Universe serving her with a long-time dream with her resort that has me fascinated as it develops not only because of the name–my original company Empower Excellence has had the butterfly, a symbol of transformation, as the center of its logo since its inception seven years agobut also because of the desire to hold our retreats in natural settings. Monarch, a living resort is a promise from the Universe to AWW. Wendy and I will be meeting soon, and I know there are no accidents, there are dreams which become intentions. That is why AWW hopes to partner with women locally at first and nationally in the future to allow the women themselves to design their future program for a better life, a greater story, and even a healing for them in their home… Nature!

Sharing You with a Community…AWE!

Let’s bring some color to this page today to celebrate the black and white Helena Bonham Carter graphic! Celebrate a woman who shared, and begin to share what you do in all parts of your life so that it can be celebrated.

When Ageless Women Emerging AWE began this year, to me, it was a way to share your life as a woman, and no matter what your age, and your lifelong emergence. It was to look at your life as art: everything you do can be creative. But somewhere along the way many of us stopped thinking we were creative because “we were too old”. So wrong, and there is nothing like a community of women like us, no matter the age, who feel that there is more that we need, that we want, and that we say, “what the hell, I am going for it.” And, as important, each of us has a life we can live and SHARE. Each part of our life is not only creative and art, but it is also wisdom that we have learned and continue to learn. This is not stuffy wisdom, this is wisdom that so many other women of all ages need and want. Yes, they want to learn from other women. They are tired of pretending to be what they think they should be…This is their time to be and to live and to share.

There is now a core group of members in AWE, and today “AWE Ageless Women Emerging Group” will begin with that core group of members. It will be closed because this is not only a collaborative group but it is confidential in the sharing. In the future, when the gifts of the group begin to manifest as “group” thoughts, an open group may exist in the current AWE Ageless Women Emerging group…it is all up to the members as we move along through THE SUMMER OF AWE.

The Community of AWE continues today…INTERESTED IN BECOMING A MEMBER? A SIMPLE EMAIL does it or a SIMPLE PHONE CALL…I am Jan Litterst, and I look forward to you in our Community 440-670-2252 or