Enfold Your Relationships in Pure Consciousness…

when we are networking, we are intending to join together to strengthen each other, but it does not always work that way! Communication mishaps can cause stress, conflict, and disappointment stopping effective communication. We can end up building walls rather than bridges. One way to change that in the networking venue is to begin living in the present, and, when you experience stress, conflict, and disappointment, you can then look at these situations that they are opportunities to develop unlimited empowered awareness which can deepen networking relationships and allow change in relationships to become an environment in pure consciousness. Blessings can then follow!

Be Aware!

being aware is the first step to becoming empowered. if you do not know what is happening, there is nothing you can do about it. becoming aware is also important to self care and self preservation. turn off your awareness and there is no question that much will escape your attention, either consciously or unconsciously. think about being aware every moment of every day and then decide whether you want to be aware or not!

I Already Know…You’re a Crow!

Oprah tells me this morning “you already know” …

And I say, “yes, I know”.

The crow in the boxwood tree outside my window echos “you already know” in crow! You know how a crow tells you …CROW CROW CROW. More like CAW CAW CAW, but you know he knows he is a crow, and now I know he knows he is a crow. And he knows I know…

And then in my morning meditation Richard Rohr tells me WHAT THE MYSTICS KNOW…”you already know” YOU KNOW YOU ARE ALREADY IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD…

What is it that Oprah, the crow, and Richard Rohr know without telling me…this is the awareness that I need to know…Who am I, what am I in the world?

I need to believe what is in my awareness of God and nature and worldly folks…My awareness finally speaks soft like Oprah, forceful like the crow, and wise like Richard Rohr…”Yes, I know…I am a healer unlike any other…God came with me into this world just like Oprah, the crow, and Richard Rohr and said to me “You already know!” Now, I can say freely “Yes, I know”!

Beauty comes and goes, but the energy remains, AWE!

I am where I am, and so go I! Just like the beautiful red lilies blooming outside my door, they were beautiful last evening and this morning with the overnight rain, the petals of all of the lilies were found on the ground. Always, always, always, they moved forward just like energy of all things. It was a brief time of awe. I wish I knew what the lilies thought about this: were they sad that their time was done, or were they excited with the energy that they were becoming a part of a new cycle? They are now asleep, they are releasing the consciousness of their brief time in the sun, and they are releasing their resistance to move forward. Just like our sleep, their energy moves, and I am aware of my own energy movement during sleep for when I awake I am on the verge of being ready to launch…so much is happening right now, and I finally am trusting everything that is happening in my life. It is time for the launch of Ageless Women of Wisdom in so many different ways and the Universe is responding. I asked, I trust, and I move forward.

What Was That Caterpillar Thinking?


Transformation is not easy.  I fact, it can take a whole lifetime; and, I am sure, that is how a caterpillar feels when its transformation begins.  I cannot help but feel that a lot of listening by the caterpillar occurs, which can lead to a lot of respect of what is happening.  That is, if a caterpillar has that ability.  But, in the end, a sense of love has to emerge when the transformation takes the caterpillar from its original state into the state of a butterfly.

I have been known to compare the caterpillar’s transformation to the transformation as a general process.  And it is a beautiful comparison; but it is also a powerful comparison.  Acknowledging the butterfly’s path to becoming a butterfly, it is also unknown if the butterfly even knows that it is happening or that it has happened at the conclusion.  And that is a lesson to be learned.  So many times, no matter what the goal of a transformation may be, we as humans do not fully realize when we begin a transformation in our lives.  We may know where we are, we may know where we want to end up, and we may know the generic steps to take, but the path is never certain–there are twists and turns along the way.  And sometimes we are even unaware when we have completed any part or the total transformation.  It becomes apparent in strange ways, sometimes to others before ourselves.  

But in the end the transformation has required deep listening, respect, and a lot of love of self.  And, in the end, the transformation bestows a certain degree of power on the one that has been transformed.  In that power, comes more love, more respect, and more deep listening albeit of a totally different kind.