What are LEGACY Feelings?

This blog is dedicated  to the women in my life on Galentine’s Day, February 13th, the celebrating of female friendships the day before the world becomes clogged with Valentine’s Day.  For years, Valentine’s Day was big with sweethearts, spouse, and then children, and now grandchildren!  

Yes, it goes out to sisters by birth and sisters by choice: Joyce, Marge,  Beth, Jane, Vicki, Kass, Mary Jane, Jessica,  and more.  But it also is the time to celebrate with the more than 70 women across Northeast Ohio who are part of my professional sisterhood and passion through my four, soon to be five, Northeast Ohio Professional Women’s Connection groups.  For these are the women I have grown to know and love over more than five years.  I salute each and every one of you today and every day…

Many years ago, I had to learn how to network as I was thrown into the public sector in various government positions, and I took to it quite naturally as an extroverted introvert!  I actually taught a course at a local community college on the book HOW TO WORK A ROOM…  But since then through the formation of a number of nonprofits in a leadership position, I have continued the networking, and five years ago, I was asked to take on the decade old group which became Professional Women’s Connection West (Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and grew to Professional Women’s Connection East (Lake County, Ohio) and then Professional Women’s Connection Lorain County.  Now, we are ready with Professional Women’s Connection Medina County.

I am a unique being, and I have learned what to do that is best for me–a God given mandate.  As a result of that, the networking groups’ members are all unique and high energy in their own respective ways.  There is no competition, only collaboration, through protected industry categories.  They each learn to like and then build relationships of trust with each other.  They become each others’ sales forces.  Most succeed; some who do not make an investment in this business tool do not.  The energy of each woman reflects my major life passion:  Energy, Money Energy, and being real!  It is integrity and authenticity….

I am unafraid to say that I have a gift for brining women together in networking…I have been given a gift, and it is good for me and for all who allow it to be a gift to them.  Not every woman is ready, but, if they are, I love the opportunity to help them grow their businesses through really professional networking. Growth continues into Summit County, Ohio in the fall and potentially Geauga County, Ohio in 2020.

 so for all…Happy Galentine’s Day…may our paths continue on the road to success and love, my sisters, one and all!


Pretending Into Legacy

If I am anything, I am authentic.  I discern the truth as much as I can, and I move forward with the next right step.  I do not take anything for granted.  I may be very quiet thinking it through.  I have been criticized for taking too long to express a thought.  Tough, I am working on slowing down totally in my life.  I make decisions easily, but the steps up to the decision can be slow and deliberate.  I know who I am, and I am what I am.  Just like everything created in the Universe, the trees, the flowers, the animals, and more, I am what I am, and that is the truth of all of life.  And, if you are your truth, you will have my respect forever.  I really only want to know the truth; no games, no pretenses, no social accepted ness.  Just be authentic…as the words above express:  there are only three things that cannot be long hidden:  the sun, the moon, and the truth.  If those things disappear in my life, then life has changed for me!


I Do Not Care About Living on the Fringe!

Self Confidence Super Power

In a recent effort to stay focused on Personal Sustainability, self-esteem has been a major topic.  When you reach self confidence in this area, you are indeed a super power.  Yes, magic does happen.  Does it happen all of the time?  No!  Do people like and love you more?  No!  

What does happen is that the more self esteem and the more self confidence you have, the more many people look at you like you are living on the fringe.  I try not to become involved in pettiness, gossip, etc.  I also become a little more judgmental privately.  I have very high standards, and those standards and values are not always shared.  Throughout my career, I have been in unusual positions in government, politics, finances, and many times there may not have been standards and values evident to the naked eye.  I was on the fringe back then, and I am still on the fringe today even in my own business.  I live my life in the most ethical way I can, and my patience for those who are not honest, ethical, or living their values is very small.  That is living on the fringe today.  

I am currently purging much of my email and Facebook feeds.  I simply want my time spent better, and I have found all of it has become addictive.  My focus is on my personal and professional dedication to Personal Sustainability, and The Empower Excellence Experience is designed to do just that with spirituality, money, food, and chemical free living.  I am trying, and it is hard, not to post anything that is negative in this regard:  no politics, no Monsanto, no negative thinking,  and I am succeeding.  “Friends”, groups, and more are in the least being “unfollowed” or “unfriended”.  Please do not take it personally, that is for me to do.  My personal values are the measurement I am using as much as I can these days.  And it is putting me on the fringe, I know that.  But my self esteem and self confidence have been worked on for years.  Earlier this week, the germination of the new me burst forth with multiple examples from the Universe on what I needed to work on:  no more bullshitters allowed, no truth–no friend, no game players allowed, no rule breakers allowed, no audacious characters who feel privileged, and more.  This is not easy, but it is where the Universe, my purpose and mission are leading me.  Dreams have been lucid in their directions.  Sleep has been plentiful and peaceful.  The seed has been planted for this season; the seed has survived through many tests; and now the seed is germinated and moving on to the current creation of me.  And I am grateful.  Whatever is being left in the wake of this new birth is meant to be left behind.  I transplanted myself to Oberlin, tested the soil, and I am now the new Oberlin me!  There have been tests to go through for me to find my new way, and I am now on the path.

I have always been on the fringe, a little weird, a little odd, a little geeky, a little bit of an introvert appearing as an extrovert, a Mensa in a common person’s dress, and much more fringe type personas.  But I am older now, I am happier now, and I am working toward the Personally Sustainable life I have envisioned for years.  There is no time and no room for those who are not authentic, who are not true, who are fake, who are audacious, who are trying to beat the system.  And there is no time for those who participate in negativity of any kind:  political, values, life, and more.  And it is not mine going forward to take any of these personalities to task.  That is the role of The Universe, karma, and higher powers.  Let me live my life on the mission and purpose that is mine, let me love my life, let me love all who cross my path, knowing that those who I do not wish to walk my path with will remove themselves quickly or The Universe will do it for them…and for me!  And I am grateful for that!

Me, Content? Don’t Think So…


Yes, October, is my birthday month, and I am never content even in my birthday month.  

I do realize I am not meant to be content in places that dwarf my spirit at all.  That has always been me, including in utero.  As a child, I was docile but difficult.  I always was trying to keep my voice alive.  And many tried to quiet me.  It did not work then; it does not work now.  I am just a little more professional and sophisticated about it now.  I have learned, I have grown, and I understand quickly.  I have made many leaps throughout my life.  Learning and knowledge were and are always in my nature.  I have been a student, and I have been and am a teacher.  I am a sponge for the most part.  And, yes, I break rules and create my own.  I operate from intuition.  The Universe and God are on my side…

For a while, time was flying way too fast; however, the busier I am becoming, the slower time is going as I keep my priorities straight.  I make connections not everyone sees, and I share all I learn from them.  I am a teacher, and I always learn the most.  My joy comes from sharing with others, sharing knowledge I have acquired.  

In this process, however, I have learned that I am not always easy to deal with because no one ever really knows what I am thinking at any given moment.  I am not the good witch of Halloween, although I am of Halloween.  I would not call me a bad witch.  I would call me a Wise Witch, one who knows who she is…an authentic Witch.  As an authentic Wise Witch, I take care of me, my family, my friends, and all of my business supporters…clients, networking members, and more.  October has 30 days, and I will celebrate the month on October 31 with a visit to my spiritual holistic intuitive…and then, who knows what the Wise Witch will do on the anniversary of her birth at 10:30 PM, well before midnight appears!

Against the Odds of “The Worst Possible Scenario”


It is Monday, and the type of Monday many of us seriously dislike.  It is the type of Monday that no amount of “Focusing” essential oils will overcome.  It is the type of Monday that working through it will not change.  All that will change is getting through to Tuesday with HOPE!

A writer who I love, or I used to love, has a daily message that I do not remember as being as distasteful as I find it today.  Her closing line is “Today, I am willing to accept the worst-case scenario.”  No no, no, that is negative thinking, my positive friend!  Your thoughts become your reality!  Of course, it is Monday; is that why you are thinking this way?

So, HOPE remains my message.  HOPE is what you always hang on to.  And when you let go of HOPE, you let go of your dreams, you let go of any happiness you may have.  And that happiness is a reflection of who you are.  Through that eternal flame of HOPE in your heart, you can create your life, your workplace, your society, and your world.  Without the HOPE, you have let go of you.  And the more you are you, the better chance you have to create your own life and work.  So hold on to the HOPE, make your contribution to you, to your work, to your community, and to your world.  How do you begin?

There is an authentic you within your head, your heart, and your soul.  Finding the authentic you is a basic need.  How do you do that?  Begin listening to your head, your heart, and soul.  If that is through meditation, if that is through prayer, if that is through just sitting quietly, do it.  You have to start somewhere.  You have to learn to “be”.  And do not give up easily, this takes time.  We tend to be wanting to be doing rather than being.  Being comes first, and from being comes creativity, and that leads to doing that is meaningful.  While you think you are doing nothing, by learning to be, your subconscious begins working on what it has known was the authentic you since it has been with you since before your birth.  Letting the subconscious work can be very productive; you do not have to do everything consciously ;  let your subconscious help you.  It is going within in order to manifest into your outer life.  Give yourself a grace period.  Learn to be mindful.  You are on your way to somewhere else from where you have been.  It is like navigating without a map; you are learning to trust.  You are learning to trust yourself, to trust your head, your heart, and your soul.    Begin with HOPE, and let HOPE take you down the road meant for you to travel.

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Sometimes the Words Just Slip Out…But I Do Speak My Truth

brave lyric 3 jpg

I do speak my truth even after many years of being groomed to be politically correct.  Having worked for a US Congressman, it was my job to make sure that not only did I speak politically correct but also  to make sure that 8 staff people also did.  That was 8 years of my life.  Then on to financial services where once again being politically correct about people and their money was important.  The last three years continue to be in the financial services and it is even more important to me to be politically correct.  However, n the past months, as I have come into my own power with myself and my business, I have been working to be more authentic.  To quote a favorite author, Tama Kieves:

When you do not speak, the thousand stars that lay upon your tongue slide back down your throat only to be swallowed one by one, jagged, pointed, and weighing more than planets.  When we swallow the truth, we turn our bodies into graveyards.  What truth do you want to share today?

Tama usually knows what I need, and this quote came a day after I really shocked myself with a statement I made!  But it was the truth, and I let it loose without thinking political correctness.  I wish I had not but I am glad I did if that makes sense.  Because it was an authentic feeling about someone in my past.  It hurt no one in the room, and it would not surprise the person I was referring to.  It was the authentic me!

When it comes to money in our lives, so often political correctness dictates what we say about the subject of money.  But it is so true that not being authentic about money only harms us bit by bit until we become buried under what we come to believe to be the truth about money.  What truth do you want to share about money today?