I Am the Goddess of Money…

DNA Goddess

I am leading the Money Revolution, yes, I am!  And you, too, can be a part of the Money Revolution!  Attract money thoughts, attract more than money!  Attract joy:  gain confidence to make money decisions, know your needs and wants, regain hope!  Tune in to Money thoughts you have:  nothing negative, only positive!  It makes a big difference!  You CAN make a difference…


Why Is It So Hard to Be a Graceful Receiver?


Do you want to be happy?  Do you want to realize your dream?  If I want to live my dream, I have to work for it, it does not just happen.  But on the other hand, I have also had to learn to be able to accept others’ help along the way.  It is all a part of “attraction”, but I have seen so many, including myself, who hesitate to take offered help.  We want to do it on our own.

What we fail to acknowledge  is that we are all connected; we are all here to help each other in our own personal journey.  It is a simple rule, help others and let them help you.  It is a blessing in either situation.  We do need to learn to be a graceful receiver…  It is amazing how we become more active givers, we become better receivers.  It is a simple way to be happy…let others help you and you keep helping others.  And, Smile!

I Love Money!

Money Tree jpgFor a cold January morning, I challenge you to walk around saying out loud or quietly, I love money!  This is not lust; this is not greed; this is pure love.  If you do not love money, why would money be attracted to you?  So start loving money, whether at the moment you have a lot or a little.  Don’t ask why, just love money….positively, purely, just love money for it is involved in everything you do, and you may find that more money will begin to flow to you.

Just saying….