Why Does AWE have “Whatever Wednesdays”?

First of all, you may be asking what is “AWE”. A common definition is a sense of wonder. “AWE” for me and others today is a movement that is moving step by step to empowerment for women throughout their generations. “AWE” represents “Ageless Women Emerging”. Much thought and planning has created AWE, and it is […]

The World is Over…

The World is Over thought the butterfly when her usual appearance as a caterpillar began to disappear.  “What is happening?”  Everyone told me to grow up when I was a baby caterpillar, and now this…”The World is Ending!”  I now see no reason to act my age.  Oh well, such is the life of a caterpillar.  And, we, as humans, really never know what it is to “grow up”, and I, personally, see no reason to act my age. Why? BECAUSE I AM AGELESS! JANICELITTERST@GMAIL.COM