As Boomers Age…

Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently published an article on “Staying the Mix”…As boomers age, they try not to lose touch with other generations. Many generations are now alive at the same time. Living together is now an option appearing all over the world. Co-housing can be university based, mixed use, and more. One complex in Portland, Oregon has residents from age 3 to 87. It is a departure from traditional senior housing although there are estimates of more than 33,000 assisted living and continuing care senior communities in the U.S. Generational intermingling is very pronounced in the workforce with baby boomers lead the growth rate here. Wanting to work longer, a lack of experienced workers and more needs than workers have led this change in the workforce. Housing, working, and more are the benefits of more multigenerational contacts. Age is becoming less and less a factor in many parts of our lives.

AWE, Shucks, it is me! Is it you, too?

The color of fire is ORANGE! And fire is burning bright these days in me, and the world is adjusting. I want to invite you to feel and acknowledge your fire burning bright within you. It is “passion”. Maybe you talk about it, maybe you don’t. Maybe you are ready to talk about it, maybe you aren’t. No matter where you are on your path, on your journey, the fire that is burning is kindled by your wisdom, your wisdom you have developed from the moment of birth and throughout your life. Just like my work with money, many have been told not to share those deep inner most feelings. But it may be your time to talk about your wisdom, your life, your path, and I want you to feel free to do that. AWE shucks, I want to hear your story. You need to hear your story come alive, be out loud…your life and your power depend on you. AWE, shucks, come alive, be you, the world will adjust!

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The AWE of Tomorrow…

Take her to TOMORROW…

We all wish we could be the child again while we have that child within us…as a new baby everyone looked upon us with AWE, a sense of wonder of the potential of this small child. Please, please, please, stop and breathe and let the child rise from the depths of your soul for that is where she is, that is where she has always been, and that is where she will be tomorrow unless you become the Creator you are. The child within is in that mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored…yes, that is where the child is and will remain unless you bring her back to life today and put tomorrow back into perspective…today is yesterday’s tomorrow and tomorrow will come some day. Can you make her your priority and begin to dream the dreams of your childhood once again. Think AWEsome thoughts. Begin to face AWE in a safe space…what are your childhood dreams that you would love to awake to. Visit the facebook page “AWE Ageless Women Emerging” and join other women, growing in numbers daily who will gather in June for the Summer of AWE…you are worth it!

Why Does AWE have “Whatever Wednesdays”?

First of all, you may be asking what is “AWE”. A common definition is a sense of wonder. “AWE” for me and others today is a movement that is moving step by step to empowerment for women throughout their generations. “AWE” represents “Ageless Women Emerging”.

Much thought and planning has created AWE, and it is driven by bringing women together to talk. Oh, I know, we talk plenty. But this will be deliberate coming together by invitation through membership in a now short-term program from June 19th through September at a winery in the afternoon on “Whatever Wednesdays”. Why so deliberate? Because of the importance of these gatherings and because women will talk about their needs and wants with other women in a casual confidential setting with other women. Why a membership? Because this is an investment in their lives and the lives of the other women in AWE, and women elsewhere step by step.

This has become the Summer of AWE anchored by Whatever Wednesdays. The “Whatever” is also important: there are no reservations, only rsvp’s by members; each member can do “whatever” they would like–lunch, wine, or conversation. the members going forward will choose their meeting dates with no speakers only facilitators in the persons of the creators of AWE.

It is a deliberate movement to provide women in 2020 programming that answers their needs and wants…this is not your mother’s retreat where an agenda is put out there that everyone hopes will make someone feel better at the end of the day. This is answering the participants of this early AWE movement as to what they come together asking for…AWE!

Are you ready for AWE? If so, comment on this blog with your email address, and we are ready to listen….

The AWE of the Butterfly Within Me…

AWE has been a favorite word of mine for most of my life. It began in the realm of religious architecture and mystery: churches, angels, saints, and more. As a child, everything beautiful was AWE for me. My world as a child was different and chaotic, and I learned I could change the world around me by changing myself. Nothing has changed in all of my decades. I have been ageless from the beginning, and I continue to emerge. I have learned that I can change the world by loving myself, by enjoying life, and by making my personal world a dream of heaven. I change myself, and just like magic, other people change, too. This is a powerful force within us. What is AWE for you, and are you changing your world?


And spiritually we do live forever….encouraging or scary? I think it is wonderful because there are so many things that are still undone. Will my money last that long? Being spiritual is kind of an agelessness with regard to money. In the spiritual realm you do not need money. In our physical life, money is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. So what does being ageless mean? No matter how young or how old you are, you are and can be ageless. It is not gauging who you are by how old you are but by who you are in your head, your heart, and mind. The question becomes who are you, you today?

A Thought for Tuesday…

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” The words are Maya Angelou’s. Take a breath for tomorrow and know that every day is brand new. Every time the moon vacates it’s space in the sky and makes way for the sun it is a new day. It is all possible again because the sun and the moon are timeless reminding us that each of us is also timeless. We are Ageless. Only our body ages…we go on forever!

When Will Spring EMERGE?

It is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time today, but to look out the window, this is not Spring…the old adage is “Spring Forward” for the time change. In Ohio it is totally gray and the temperature hit its high of 41 several hours ago. It is 39 degrees right now. Unremarkable for Ohio in March, but, the bigget weather event is the wind! 26 mph in Oberlin this hour…Working in my office, the sound of the wind is the diversion from Sunday gray!

The wind is emerging from the blah weather picture, and it reminds me that an emergence usually occurs when “something has to change”! I love my life, and I am happy most moments. Not too unlike most other women who are old enough to have experienced many of life’s occasions: marriage, divorce, childbirth, infertility, adoption, dysfunction, dating in older years, career success, career failure, entrepreneurial ventures, death, birth of grandchildren, and more, I am still “emerging”. Not too surprising as I have the intention of living at least to 104. I am fully aware of the limitations that can occur, but they can occur in your teens, your twenties of or any other decade of life. “Emerging” helps you change while being flexible in every sense of the word.

It is no wonder that my business and my life are patterned deliberately like a butterfly’s. I live in the moment, whether as a caterpillar, a chrysalis, or a butterfly. I learn in each moment, and I move on when the Universe decides it is time. Yes, I am a woman, I am ageless, and I am emerging. I think the phrase if “Ageless Women Emerging!”

Ageless Women Emerging…

And the older I get, the more I understand that it is NOT okay to live a life I don’t understand!

So, why have I gone on for decades always giving to everyone else but me?

And now, I am saying that this is no longer acceptable! I need to understand what it is that I am living for and who I am. More than that, I am on a mission, a life-long purpose, to help people have a better relationship with themselves and their money, and that begins with me. More than that, I am a cofounder of a collaboration to begin to see Ageless Women Emerging to identify who they as individuals are and as a sisterhood . Eventually, the collaboration will have its own mission to awaken the Wisdom of Ageless Women of all generations…But for now, I am starting today with me.


The World is Over…

The World is Over thought the butterfly when her usual appearance as a caterpillar began to disappear.  “What is happening?”  Everyone told me to grow up when I was a baby caterpillar, and now this…”The World is Ending!”  I now see no reason to act my age.  Oh well, such is the life of a caterpillar.  And, we, as humans, really never know what it is to “grow up”, and I, personally, see no reason to act my age.