AWE It is SO True: Wake Up!

If you are reading this blog on WordPress, you will see my color selection today is vivid orange! Thanks to Wendy Osborne Kertesz of MONARCH for this graphic this morning. Wendy and I met somewhere somehow sometime ago, but I am so excited for her and her MONARCH success moving forward. Check her out on […]

Endings are Always New Beginnings…Awe!

But I am not going to get old, so there! I am going to break down walls, and I am inviting you to walk through the new doors together with me. I am reaching out intentionally as “Summer” approaches to leave the winter of our lives behind. I am not saying totally forget everything; I […]

AWE is Emerging in Nature

Folklore for Children ~ The Bleeding Heart Flower. … If you turn a flower upside down and pull the two halves apart, you’ll see a lady in a pink bathtub, or perhaps you’ll see a white lyre with strings of silk. A Story Within The Bleeding Heart. The flowers also hold clues to a tragic tale of unrequited love. AWE or Ageless Women […]

The MAGIC of Words…AWE!

Yes, words are magical… zest, youthful, xylophone, women, wisdom, wonder, vibration, understand, truth, sexuality, respect, quicken, peace, opportunity, nourish, manifest, love, kindness, joy, intuition, healthy, grateful, fun, empower, delight, catapult, badass, and appreciation can all conjure up on your personal level your outlook for magic! And, are you ready to choose which words can make […]