No Magical Thinking Here! #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Financial Freedom #Money

There is no magical thinking, there is real thinking here! Over the Sumer of 2019, many women gathered on “Whatever Wednesdays” and had conversations about retreat topics that would make their lives better in 2020. There was magic, but the magic turned into real topics beginning with the Ageless Women of Wisdom Spring 2020 Retreat! And here is the information for you to ponder: would finding your voice and learning how to listen to your voice make a difference? I hope so!

AWE It is SO True: Wake Up!

If you are reading this blog on WordPress, you will see my color selection today is vivid orange! Thanks to Wendy Osborne Kertesz of MONARCH for this graphic this morning. Wendy and I met somewhere somehow sometime ago, but I am so excited for her and her MONARCH success moving forward. Check her out on Facebook.

I celebrate her success and the synchronicity of my putting Ageless Women of Wisdom AWE out there now. Her sentiment in the above graphic is shared with AWE this summer as participants in AWE gathered for the very first time last Wednesday outside in the beautiful sun among the growing vineyards in Richfield, Ohio. The AWE leaders, and you can still become one by emailing, came together to share and create the AWE agenda for 2019 and 2020 to become ALIVE and to create the STORY of the future for themselves and others to follow on July 17 and more. Their souls may be tired but they are ready to wake up and live and to have others follow their lead. This is NOT a business networking group. This is a PERSONAL Networking group where in a confidential setting members can talk, share, feel, and move forward with the STORY they want to create for themselves. This is not a miracle cure, this is a human story being shared with other women…

And we need nature, we need freedom, we need adventure, we need each other. Are you ready to wake up?


Have discovered this writer! I am in love with her work!

OMG! And I am inspired, not profane! This is a “shout out”! Never recently did I think that the world would truly do what I have always quoted “Everything can turn on a dime!” And it did this week. I have never been so energized as I am right now. Thank you, God, for you created this path long before this week.

THE SUMMER OF AWE really does begin today, June 1.

As I prepare to write the first Members Newsletter for AWE Ageless Women of Wisdom (check out @AWEAgelessWomenEmerging on Facebook) this weekend, everything is falling into place. I am now the sole energizer behind this movement, and it is a movement! And just a few days ago, I found the beautiful piece by S.C. Lori above. It is truly a description of the target market for AWE.

We are in this together!

Endings are Always New Beginnings…Awe!

Ending and Beginning…

But I am not going to get old, so there! I am going to break down walls, and I am inviting you to walk through the new doors together with me.

I am reaching out intentionally as “Summer” approaches to leave the winter of our lives behind. I am not saying totally forget everything; I am saying exactly the opposite. Treasure the past, the good and the bad, and let it rest, and you will find peace in just doing that. You may not realize what “peace” looks like immediately. but it will come over you as you end one part of your life, your winter, and approach the door of the “Summer” of your life.

As you approach “Summer”, keep an eye out for your personal “wisdom”. Melinda Gates in THE MOMENT OF LIFT SHARES “WISDOM ISN’T ABOUT ACCUMULATING MORE FACTS; IT IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING BIG TRUTHS IN A DEEPER WAY.”

What is not said in the above quote is that the wisdom lies within you. That wisdom can lie dormant until someone else shares a part of their wisdom, and then you realize one basic truth: You are not alone. But, if you have been trying to fit in throughout your life, that alone has helped to make you feel that you do not fit in. Learning your wisdom and the wisdom of others can lift you back onto your path even if you do not know what your path is. I truly feel we need to ask for what we need, and we often feel that we are doing what we are doing not because this is ours to do but that this is what women do. It is time to set an agenda for wisdom FOR YOU. This empowerment starts with women talking to each other. this is information sharing. When women gather that information, it emboldens them and gives them a sense of power. The sharing of information allowing women to talk in our own voices, reflecting our own values, leads one woman at a time to lead a better life. In a sense, they do “lift off”!

And it may not be easy, it may break our hearts individually and collectively. This is the “lift” of coming together. The starting point is to recognize individually “what you really need” and not “what you think you need”!

This begins empowerment. And it starts with getting together in a safe, confidential place to gather to talk, just talk with each other. It is the beginning of lifting each other up. THIS IS WHAT I AM UP TO NOW: AWE, Ageless Women Emerging.

And AWE begins with THE SUMMER OF AWE…

The Facebook page “AWE Ageless Women Emerging” contains a lot of information about the basic collaboration that started this movement. Check it out. And see references to other information there. \

AWE is the first step in a deliberate collaboration, and the total program is evolving into a larger collaboration. Take the first step in the words of Brene Brown “…the original definition of courage is to let ourselves be seen.” Join THE SUMMER OF AWE by leaving a comment here on my blog, email me, Messenger my co-collaborator Mary Jane Brigger on Facebook, and we will share with you how you can become part of AWE today!

Why? To connect. From the first moment of conception, our supreme goal is connection. And from that moment, we weave into each other. See yourself in another, and like Melinda Gates’ book title reflects that is THE MOMENT OF LIFT…

AWE is Emerging in Nature

Folklore for Children ~ The Bleeding Heart Flower. … If you turn a flower upside down and pull the two halves apart, you’ll see a lady in a pink bathtub, or perhaps you’ll see a white lyre with strings of silk. A Story Within The Bleeding Heart. The flowers also hold clues to a tragic tale of unrequited love.

AWE or Ageless Women Emerging may very well love this story of the Bleeding Heart Flower, or they may not. Bleeding hearts are all too often assigned to women in the areas of romance and love stories. Love and romance are a part of life, and the areas do not always hold happy endings; but many times they are ports of happiness in both the lives of men and women. “Pink” is not always a feminine color for it is the color of many human organs common to both sexes. What I want to share is that the Bleeding Heart Flower can well be associated with AWE but in a new way. Let your head and heart define it for your symbolism for the heart is an organ shared by all. In spring the Bleeding Heart Flower is one of the first, along with daffodils and crocuses, to emerge from the cold into the warming days of Spring. The blooms are a welcome harbinger of what is emerging.


The MAGIC of Words…AWE!

Yes, words are magical… zest, youthful, xylophone, women, wisdom, wonder, vibration, understand, truth, sexuality, respect, quicken, peace, opportunity, nourish, manifest, love, kindness, joy, intuition, healthy, grateful, fun, empower, delight, catapult, badass, and appreciation can all conjure up on your personal level your outlook for magic!

And, are you ready to choose which words can make your day magical? The program coming alive right now is AWE or Ageless Women Emerging, and the program would like to convene women, and men, to begin the discussions this summer to choose the words of importance to all women as they age throughout their life cycles to be AWEsome women.

Stay tuned for more information on AWE or contact