Many Things are “AGELESS”!

Including a wonderful woman named Mary Faktor…and Mary Faktor among many achievements produced THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN. When “Ageless Women of Wisdom” manifested itself in the Fall of 2018, I called my friend Mary Faktor, and the end result many months later is that THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN is an important part of […]

YOU are as Precious as Time!

When we began this year, I had no idea of all that would happen in my life in 2019. Now, as we head into August, I really have to take the time to catch my breath and find my balance on a daily basis. I have found through all of the previous months that I […]

Would You Mind if I Picked Your Brain, AWE, Let me think about that!

On a professional level, this question is heard many times at meetings, conferences, and cocktail parties. On a personal level, it also happens when someone needs to learn something from someone else. You may have the professional or personal experience that the person asking the question feels they might need from you. If it is […]