Many Things are “AGELESS”!

Including a wonderful woman named Mary Faktor…and Mary Faktor among many achievements produced THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN. When “Ageless Women of Wisdom” manifested itself in the Fall of 2018, I called my friend Mary Faktor, and the end result many months later is that THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN is an important part of the upcoming launch of “Ageless Women of Wisdom” on October 16th of this year.

Just like the book “CITY OF GIRLS” by Elizabeth Gilbert that I shared in a blog earlier this week, the Universe has delivered so many gifts as “Ageless Women of Wisdom” has developed. This is something that is needed: SHARING of Wisdom between all generations of women. So I created this program which will present day long retreats in areas of nature for 10 months in 2020 and, then in 2021, there will be overnight retreats. These are personal retreats for women of all ages with the topics for the retreats being developed as I write by the women who have participated in “Ageless Women Emerging”. It is phenomenal how this concept has developed. It is an exciting concept. Women of all ages have wisdom to share, wisdom which will benefit others as well as themselves. Stay tuned, because this is “Ageless”, as ageless as every woman everywhere.

YOU are as Precious as Time!

When we began this year, I had no idea of all that would happen in my life in 2019. Now, as we head into August, I really have to take the time to catch my breath and find my balance on a daily basis. I have found through all of the previous months that I have really found out how precious time is. Each of my three entrepreneurial ventures have their own mission, their own path, but they meld together to form the main mission of my life–helping women empower their own unique excellence. Empower Excellence, now in its seventh year, began and continues to find women’s excellence with money. Professional Women’s Connection, in its sixth year in my life, continues its growth as a networking organization to find women’s energy in growing their businesses. And in 2019, Ageless Women of Wisdom was born and strives to have women of all ages SHARE their wisdom across the generations through personal programs and retreats they help identify while moving forward to empower their futures to be truly designed for them, no matter their age. Each path works with women to empower them to make their decisions in an excellent way. Each path recognizes and stresses that YOU as a woman are as precious as time, and making time for you is so empowering.

Beginning tomorrow, August 1, Ageless Women of Wisdom begins shedding the initial phases of this path: Since June, phase one Ageless Women Emerging AWE hosted women who chose to come together in conversation to SHARE topics the women would love to see offered to them through programs in the future, programs to make their life better. There have been two major conversation sessions yielding over 70 topics for future programs and retreats. The final session, still accessible for those who join THE SUMMER OF AWE, is August 28. Emailing to join us on August 28 can put you into that conversation.

Also tomorrow, August 1 at 4 pm on the announcement of the major launch of Ageless Women of Wisdom SHARES the opportunity to attend THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Factor on Wednesday, October 16th. Mary is a professional actor who has presented her original comedy program over the years SHARING the ageless parts of a a woman’s life. The program and Mary are a precious way to SHARE the generational hallmarks of being a woman with all of the women in your life. Time for the passage of THE SUMMER OF AWE conversations will close the program while introducing the next phase: AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW!

YES, for now we are in the phase AGELESS WOMEN OF WONDER AWW…moving from the Emergence of our Summer conversations into the fantastic opportunity of taking the time for ourselves as women and learning where we want our paths to go while naturally SHARING with women of all generations. All of us, YOU are as precious as time. Find the time to join is with us either in late August or by making the time for THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Factor on October 16th.

Would You Mind if I Picked Your Brain, AWE, Let me think about that!

On a professional level, this question is heard many times at meetings, conferences, and cocktail parties. On a personal level, it also happens when someone needs to learn something from someone else. You may have the professional or personal experience that the person asking the question feels they might need from you. If it is a professional question, you may have to think the answer through in regards to appropriateness in content and in regard to professional fees. When I recently read an article written by Gene Marks (Https:// and sent to me by The Hartford, it made me really stop and think especially on the professional level. It is an article that touched on the sharing of knowledge and the sharing of wisdom. It was especially timely as my newest company AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, LLC is beginning its first phase in its purpose of “sharing wisdom across the generations of women” through AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING AWE!

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, LLC has the ultimate goal of offering “personal” one day retreats in 2020 and the topics for those retreats are being formulated by a group of self-selected women having monthly conversations with the members of AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING during The Summer of Awe 2019. These topics are resulting from conversations among the members, members by virtue of a “very” small investment for the summer of time and dollars, on the subject of “what retreat topics would YOU like to see to make your personal life better”. With two successful gatherings to date in June and July, over 50 topics have been confidentially submitted. The topics’ gathering will occur once more in late August and all topics will then face prioritization at the unveiling event on October 16 with a roundtable choosing of the topics to be formulated into retreats.

The concept is totally based on “the sharing of wisdom across generations (ageless) of women”. We already know that you feel better about yourself when you are giving and “wisdom” is giving and sharing wisdom and all women have their own wisdom no matter their age. And that “wisdom shared” can help make another woman’s life better. The topics are being shared, the “wisdom” will be shared intentionally and unintentionally.

So, thank you, Gene Marks, for this article. I already know from the topic gatherings this summer that the concept driving AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is valid. But this article shows me that it is good to “let people pick your brain and give away advice for free without getting defensive or annoyed. This is an opportunity to help and be helped. Your returns will show up in a better life for you and those you help? AWE, yes, you can pick my brain!