Happy Birthday to me!

From today forward, age is no longer discussed only because it does not matter. I have more energy, more joy, more happiness, more productivity, more love, more Spirit, more vitality, more wisdom, more Connection, more power, because all this shit is cumulative! I have more personal and professional plans than ever before! And why not, your intention to live fully and long begins with your intention and attitude for life! So, do not ask my age. Look in my eyes and see life in full bloom.


Your story is your story! Every story has a character which may very well be you. Every story has a problem or a reason to tell the story. It is very possible in the story the character finds a guide or guidance to help them with their problem and calls them to some sort of action. The action helps solve their problem or issue and success is achieved to a total or partial degree. A transformation occurs. But the story must be shared, and it happens more often than not in a conversation.

Stories are powerful. Stories can make the story teller powerful. Sharing a story shares the power of not only the storyteller but also the transformation that can occur. When AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was conceived through a conversation, the story of my former collaborator had more of a negative vibe about women and aging and the media and culture. My story became more positive.

Positivity was my story, living in the NOW, moving only forward and not back. The launch program and 2020 retreats of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) focus on “what would make your life better in 2020?” Conversations during the summer of 2019 were stories with women of all walks of life, all ages, and positivity. Energy is what moves us every moment of our life; healing occurs by moving forward with energy of all types. With Energy and your story, you are armed to make changes that are very possible. The first thing is to tell the story, share the story, empower your continuing transformation by asking for help through your story. There is nothing more powerful than your story except for sharing it through conversation one to one or through groups. By sharing it, you empower another to see that there is a way through their problem.

Women are nurturers. Nurturers who want to help, and they help each other, whether friends or strangers, when they are invited to share their stories on their own way to finding their own solutions to life. AWW began with a Summer Program called Ageless Women Emerging through three “Conversations”. The idea worked and more than 100 ways to make their lives better in 2020 were shared. Women will on October 16 not only enjoy a fantastic comedic program THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor but also prioritize the ideas for retreats in 2020. They will be in a winery setting in Richfield, Ohio, out in nature planning the beginning of many transformations in 2020. They talked, they shared, they opened their hearts to others to tell their stories. Every one benefited, and they will continue through their participation in retreats created by their own stories…

Do you have a story to tell, to share, to find a solution in? You can attend on October 16th The Eventbrite invitation can be found on Facebook @AWWAgelessWomenofWisdom or leave me a comment…You have a story, I just know you do!

SHARE Your Incredible WISDOM!

WISDOM is a funny thing. You possess it from the moment you are born but it often takes years to admit you have wisdom. Sometimes it is even hard for any of us to admit anyone is wise unless they are in an advanced age. It is a strange misperception that must be passed down genetically because no one seems to talk about wisdom with any of us in our childhood and yet we are wise. Small children oftentimes are the wisest among us. We definitely have a connection between our thoughts and words and that develops from childhood. Many times we refrain from speaking to a person who really needs to hear us the most. What we don’t realize is that we really are doing people a favor by letting them share our incredible wisdom no matter what our age is. Maybe we can share our wisdom first with ourselves to know how wise we really are.

When Talking Money is Fear

It is a Saturday. It is a day when you like to sleep in just a little, enjoy your coffee a little more, and your mind is in a Saturday lazy mood. It is exactly the time to think of the fear of money talk.

You are not alone: 62% of women would rather talk about their own death than money!

One reason for this is that women at any age–any age–have no financial role models. Why is this important? Knowledge is power, and women of all ages want knowledge and power. They want gender-savvy advisors to empower and educate them.

It is time to bust through money taboos. It is time to lead discussions on women, money, power. It it time to break the money silence. We have led in the formation of entrepreneurial small businesses. All women-owned businesses are lifestyle businesses. We have made those businesses our own. Why are we afraid to bust through the money talk.

Let’s start talking about money! Start by simply sitting there this Saturday morning with your morning coffee and breathe in love. We can do the money talk because we love our lives and money is a part of all of our lives. Let’s start talking about money, let’s learn, let’s educate ourselves through each other. Let’s take the power that is ours with money!


Money Ageless AWE

A THOUGHT TO REMEMBER TODAY: Learn from fine wines, the older they are, the richer and fuller bodied they are. Would you rather be young and lacking in flavor and taste and money or older with no excuses because you are rich in experience? Old money is never judged by its age. Hold yourself in AWE!