Go With the Impulse…if

Mediocre Super girl

The moment is now….if you trust your inner being, if you are ready to move ahead, listen to your intuition when it gives you an impulse.  You are powerful, you are strong!


Easy Like Monday Morning…Really!

Monday Morning Easy

Monday mornings should be easy for everyone…spread your quiet joy to everyone you meet this morning, and this afternoon, and tomorrow, etc.  It is amazing what a smile can do for the person sharing it and the person receiving it…it opens hearts, it allows receptivity, and it gives a glimpse to our connectedness, our oneness.  Oneness is with us for all times, whether we think about it or not.  It began with creation–no matter your creation story!  But we forget about it in our daily life, but I want you to take it one further step on this easy, almost rainy in Ohio, Monday morning.  Be connected, be one with your money.  Some of us already do think of it as we tithe, as we give to charity–either in money or possessions, and also as we smile at others no matter their station in life.  A smile is so precious, and we have no idea the significance it has for the recipient.  It may be more than a monetary gift.  And that simple smile can open your heart to the manifestation waiting for you from the Universe.

Ordinary Self Care…Joyful Self Esteem!

Joy in the Ordinary

Self care…really!  What does that have to do with money, honey?  And this is meant for men and women for good self care is the foundation of good self esteem.  I have just finished my Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9 am Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE Facebook moments, and today’s topic was self care.


And while I try to keep personal stories out of the LIVE segment because it is usually only 2-3 minutes, today was full of real personal examples covering self-care:  skin cancer screening (I am ok but experienced cryotherapy for the first time yesterday!), good sleep habits(8-9 hours per night), good nutrition ( have all of my daily 8-10 fruits and vegetables at breakfast), socialization (lunch with a friend today), exercise (6000 steps to go to and from lunch in Oberlin), and a haircut (self love!) this afternoon.  Family will be covered on Sunday, and now I am off to work (here at home, which I am very disciplined about.  This evening and tomorrow, I have two new books from the library to read when I am not on Trulia scoping out the Aurora area for my next planned move within 4 years from now (Having a Dream!).  This is all self care and balance.

And for a true R-Evolution with Money, I have to be balanced, well rested, well fed, in good physical shape, and emotionally ready for whatever comes my way.  Meditation morning and evening helps with that, too!

So, men and women, take care of yourselves and each other because self care is foundational for good self esteem, and believe me all issues in our lives find their way back to self esteem, take care of yours and the self esteem of those you love!  And find JOY in doing these ordinary things in life!

The R-Evolution with Money…

Confidence without Competition

Confidence can be a cure all for so many things, and in a R-Evolution confidence let’s you march forward to accomplish what you are seeking…especially with money!

If you can be confident to think about money 💰 in a different way starting today, you will begin to revolutionize your money differently.  Confidence, while free,  requires you to be strong and open to change.

What does confidence require?

Faith is a beginning, and faith develops over time.  Building on faith can lead you to have strength in your belief, and that is a piece of confidence to all parts of your life including money!


And Your Focus is on WHAT?

Simplicity less focus

Today is the day for focus, at least for me!  The R-Evolution is back in the world of money, but the secret is to focus on what you want, to become easier with the work you do while focusing on what the end result will be, and the end result will occur.  My ultimate goal is to spend more quality time with family both here and in Florida.  So, yes, my r-evolution is focused on family but split between locations.  That is focused.  Everything I do is aimed at that…money, desires, business, and more.  In the meantime, helping folks with their money relationship, and for many that is a R-Evolution, is my immediate focus, but I am working smarter and not harder…I am doing less but accomplishing more with a focused energy.

Remembering the Revolution!

Get back on track

Well, a lot of stuff happened, and then I saw a quote from Ursula K. LeGuin (THE DISPOSSESSED):  “You cannot buy the Revolution.  You cannot make the Revolution.  You can only be the Revolution.  It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.”

Back on February 26th, in my blog “empowerexcellencewithjan” at wordpress.com, I announced the “R-Evolution with Money & Women” and then the next day I wrote about the movie THE POST.  On February 28th, citing Mel Robbins, I encouraged everyone to tell themselves the truth and finding the JOY in speaking and dealing with the truth, especially when it comes to money.  And so it went…and it did go because I tend to have ADHD.

But I am back on track, and the one part of the R-Evolution with Money and Women that has remained is the Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9 am “It’s Your Money” on Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More on Facebook.  The R-Evolution is moving slowly, and I take ownership of that.  I wander and I roam!

But on March 6th, I did talk about the Money R-Evolution in regard to Transformation…  I must say that I do always talk about money, even when you have to stretch my blogs a little.  

So what is the Money R-Evolution?

My best answer for that is that I am alone on my stance of what I work with and that is Money Energy, and it is a r-evolution.  Not Dave Ramsey, not Suzi Orman, not your banks, not your financial coaches talk about Money Energy.  Maria Nemeth who wrote the book which inspired me is now an active life coach.  But I am committed to educate and r-evolutionize with money energy because it is so big and so few people really know it.  

So I am back on track, and the R-Evolution will begin again…I hope!

Abundance is good for all, including…

Simplicity Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome can hit at any time,,,it sure can!  That shiny object can be as small as a holiday tree ornament or as large as a new home or new car!  And most shiny objects are not “needs”; they are definitely “wants”.  And what can the cure for this be?

A long time ago I addressed this question when my EMPOWER course was created:  it is a “simple” discussion of “needs” and “wants” and how to differentiate between them.  Is it a cure?  I am sure that many folks could continue on in their quest of the next new shiny object, but it does give you reason to pause and question your personal motivation for the desire for the “shiny object”.

But, “abundance” when cited can be the underlying solution.  And, when I talk about “abundance”, it is not simply money that is being referred to.  Abundance can be all of the gifts of The Universe.  For example, in 60 seconds, I will name just a few:  sun, moon, clouds, water, wind, air, friends, trees, plants, mountains, heat, cold, family, home, travel, love, faith, happiness, money, etc.  And I am sure you can mention many more including health!

The “needs” are basic:  food, clothing, shelter; refer back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  But they are also personal as to what part of the “needs” are basic and when do they become “wants”.  Something to ponder indeed.  

Another part of the solution or the “shiny object syndrome” is gratitude.  And that can be as simple as being thankful that I am able to write a blog that makes sense, and it is also having the technology and vehicle to share my blog.  So thank you, and I will be aware of my abundance and offer gratitude for it.

Saturday Simplicity: DREAM!

simplicity dream

Saturday should be simple.  It should not be a day to pay bills, clean the house, or run errands.  It is a really good day to sleep in, to dream, to meditate, to watch fun cooking shows, to walk in the sunshine, to make love, to be kind, to be love!

Saturday should be simple.  And simple is love, kindness, sunshine, sleep, and more.   

Saturday should be simple.  Saturday should be your dream day–in the sun, in the rain, in the water, in the sheets.  Seriously, it should be a day dedicated to dreaming.  Dreaming is simple.  It is a lot like meditating.  Just go to your quiet place:  physically, mentally, emotionally, and let everything go!  Please do not say you do not have the time to dream.  When you were a child, daydreaming came easy.  Perhaps we do not daydream enough as adults.  Maybe we were told as daydreaming children to pay attention and get back to work.  Maybe that is why as adults we not only do not daydream as much as we could but we also may have trouble meditating.  Please do not say that daydreaming and meditating are not productive.  They are probably one of the most productive things we can do to stay healthy and happy mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Saturday for me is simple.  I work to make it simple, and it is the easiest work I do!

Napping can be Good for Your Money!

child dreaming

I have begun a new practice upon the advice of metaphysical experts…I am bringing napping into my life.  Whenever I feel fatigued, whenever I feel stressed, whenever I feel frustrated, I do not power through as I once did; I nap!

Oh, yes, I do!

Time after time, a break from the thoughts in your head, especially the worrisome ones, is like a do-over.  When you awake from a short nap, you are refreshed, and your mind has a new perspective on whatever fatigued, stressed, or frustrated you.  Yes, you have to be willing to put aside the worrisome thoughts that led you to the fatigue, the stress, or the frustration for a few minutes of napping; but your brain receives the signal as you lay your head down that this is “break time”.  Let go of the causative factor and rest.  It is the mini letting go that can put you back on a peaceful path.  That is the first step to resolving the worry!