It is All About Light Today!


The first eclipse of August is today, August 7th, a full moon lunar eclipse, in Aquarius, which will light up your astrological home and family sector.  It is a time to be pushed, prodded, and pulled out of your complacency, and I know I need that!  It is a time to embrace change.  There is much more to this astrologically, but emotionally I am being affected.  In my life, much is unsettled, not because of an intentional undoing or doing.  It is one of those times, and it began about a week ago, that no matter what I do, I am out of it.  The Universe has become a forever presence emotionally and intuitively, more than ever before, and will not let the mind rest.  It is not a bad presence, but it is relentless.  Thankfully, there will be news in the coming days to prove or disprove the Universe.  When it proves it, it will continue for many more days.  To think otherwise is not in my best interest.

And my Destiny is…


A Sunday kind of word “Joy”…

But today it is my destiny.  Like most people, I have loved and worked throughout my life for others because I loved them.  It usually was not easy…but it was within me to do it, so I did.  When I was very young, it was what I did because I was a “good girl “, a good Catholic girl moreover.  As I became more of an adult at age 12, mothering an infant because my mother was not able in many ways, I lost the joy of childhood, which therapy decades later helped me to identify and overcome only to be told by my siblings I was selfish.  Yes, I was and that led to many years of identifying my joy and pursuing it,

But there were detours, a marriage doomed, unknown to me, from the start because of immaturity and infidelity from the start.  I returned the ring before the wedding only to cave when he pledged love.  Fourteen years later, two children, years of heartache tolerated for the children, and a horrible walkout by him, I was divorced, a single parent, with the financial means lacking to support them, or myself.

That was thirty four years ago….twenty four years ago I knew there was more for me.  The journey began to support us, but always with doors opening, not necessarily with adequate funds but with the steps to keep moving toward “more” of a destiny.  Faith kept me moving.  The 24 years allowed the dream about to manifest itself…

And the mission became what is now known as The Empower Excellence Experience: Personal Sustainability in Oberlin, Ohio.  But the dream is to build my life building–residence and business entwined because it is no longer separate.  The timeline expressed this year was 2022, OR…

Having learned that my spiritual growth has transformed my belief, my thoughts, my words into manifestation in quicker time, it became 2022 OR BEFORE.

And now a new path to the dream is opening…and everything is supporting it, and this new path may appear very soon to take me on my destiny of JOY!

When Your World Seems to be Upside Down! And You Seem to be Disappearing!

My Dream House Receipt

This is a very important piece of paper, and it is upside down!

And I do seem to disappear from blogging and other business-type activities periodically!

I have always been a very logical and dependable person, until lately.  It is five months since I moved to Oberlin, and I am preparing the strong foundation for The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  

My calendar is overbooked, my sleep is a wonderful 8-10 hours a night, and I am almost vegan!  But my calendar is overbooked with the activities of my three regional networking groups, my new involvement with the Oberlin Business Partnership, my growing career as a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant, my Pampered Chef “healthy”, my growing career as an Independent Norwex Consultant, and more.  The Norwex and Pampered Chef involvement is directly related to The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  Healthy Eating and Chemical Free Personal and Environmental Living.  At the same time, the financial transition coaching still remains as the Empower Excellence founding program.  And then, in a little over a month, the launch of the Spiritual side of The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability launches as The Practice at Oberlin.  

It is thrilling to be at this point with everything, but, then, life happened.  And, as of yet, it is still very unsettling to me.  To the outside world it is “What are you talking about?”  Well, the upside down receipt was the beginning of the story.  And the rest of the story is still unwritten, except…

Since the beginning of 2016, I learned a very valuable lesson from the Universe.  I will not bore you with the details, but I will summarize it this way:  Start telling your story the way you want it to happen, and then step back and see what really happens.  OMG, I did that beginning in 2016 and the story happened just the way I told it.  And now, having lived here for five months, holding on to the qualifying phrase that “I need to make sure this is not a romantic notion living in Oberlin”, The Universe provided me with a new story since the beginning of August.  It all began August 1 with my monthly horoscope, with the event tomorrow of my deceased father’s 100th birthday party, and with a house, a very big house that is a dream.

And we cannot forget my friend, Jane!  No, Jane has known about my obsession with the Lake County Dream House for the 24 years it has existed.  We have visited that fundraising home over the years together; but, this year, I clearly stated that I did not want to go see it:  I did not want to move back to Lake County–I have been gone for 20 years, I would not want to live on a busy main street, and that ended that, until this past Tuesday, after my meditation, when it became clear I did want to see it, and I began to hear the story–the logical story roll out from my mind and soul!  Meditation is known to do that, and some of my biggest and best ideas come from my daily meditation habit!  And as Jane says, they are always very “logical”.  

And to make matters worse/better, depending upon where you are with the Universe, according to Susan Miller, my forever astrologer, “You (me) are now on the threshold of the most important month of 2017 and possibly the most important month in a decade for your career and living situation.”  She goes on for pages explaining this, but for now, I am leaving this right here.  

You see, the Universe and I have had our moments in the last week, and the Universe has opened my mind and heart for a return to the City where I once wanted to live many years ago.  If the story plays out as Oberlin did, I may be moving, and that is the first time I have said those words.  But it will be a move to Willoughby, Ohio into a huge house which can accommodate me, an English sheepdog puppy, my family, and The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  It will be the dream I have had for 2022, only a few years quicker, which I have also released to The Universe, to my God, and am grateful.  I am ready for whatever happens in the coming days of August, and I am grateful for all of it.  Maybe things will get back to normal, and maybe they never will be normal again.  I have given that up to God!

It is All About the Numbers!


It is an issue with me, according to my holistic doctor, that I am all about the numbers!  Well, that is a good thing since I am now in my target range of numbers in many areas where I have been striving to be.  After all, that is what people measure you by.  That is what I measure my activity by!

In health, that is a measurement, and I will continue to improve on those numbers so that I will be totally off of medication!  Am only on two right now.

In exercise, consistently meeting “steps” by walking every day, will do much to continue to reduce weight and improve health.

In my Pampered Chef “healthy”, in my third month, to be fifth highest producer on my team, was a pleasant surprise and motivation to keep doing what I am doing.  In my Norwex, second month, I am “engaged” for two months in a row–a good thing!

But today is a day about numbers, because today is my father’s 100th birthday.  He was an auditor for the federal government; he was all about numbers.  I am close to him even though he is deceased.  I am the oldest of three, today is August 3rd, a number that does not change in either case.  I was the first in that situation!  

No matter what anyone thinks, it is all about the numbers!

What is Your Dream?


It does not matter what my dream is?  What is yours?  We all matter, and that is why Personal Sustainability is my mantra!  And that includes everyone as not one of us succeeds if one of us fails.  We are all connected; we are all one!  And that is where spirituality steps in…

Mind, body, spirit all count!  To find your dream, check in with your mind. Check in with your body, and check in with your Spirit.  Find the time for quiet, find the time to dream!

To Borrow a Phrase “Hippie Thoughts”

Hippie Thoughts Sustainability

Thinking bold thoughts brings to mind all of the words that defined me many years ago and define me today with my Core Values of Personal Sustainability.  Yes, I may be as dated as the VW Bus, but I lie it that way!  Over the years, readers of this blog have seen me move through varying phases covering financial transformation, healthy eating, and chemical free living.  I am sure there is more, but it ballpoints to Personal Sustainability.  And that is where I rest….

One of the areas as a want-to-be hippie in the 70’s that we did not dwell on was money. But today, when I think about money, I do think of other health factors such as food, chemicals, and sleep among others.  Why?  Because wealth is health and health is wealth.  To have your health is everything has been said for centuries, but more than that to have your health can make you wealthier.  

A full night’s sleep has been linked to 5% higher pay per an article on this topic in July 2016 MONEY Magazine.  The same article, authored by Katherine Hobson, Ismat Sarah Mangla, and Elizabeth O’Brien, states that regular exercise “fattens paychecks by 7% to 12%.  More than that, take care of your body and you take care of health care costs as well by reducing medical bills and allowing you to work further into retirement.

Being healthy is also of interest to employers in order to save on medical insurance premiums, and many are providing wellness programs not only for that reason but also to make employees happier which makes them more productive, and employers are happier as a result.  

While we cannot  go back to being hippies and living their values, we can do many things that will help us be more sustainable and help the financial piece of our life as well:

Slim Down, Sleep More, Work out, Stop Smoking, Stay Mentally Sharp through Nutrition, Exercise, and Learn How to Stress Less About MONEY!   

That is why today, and yesterday, and into the future, I will be writing about health,, food, chemicals, and MONEY!  Stay tuned, we all will learn something today just like we did from the hippies in bygone years!

Front Porch Friends…


Butterflies, fireflies. Find a jar.  Capture the light! Capture the flight!

Sit on your front porch and be entertained!  Simplicity at its finest!

But there is much more to the front porch.  There you can talk about anything or nothing!  There friendships are made over food, life, money and more.  There sustainable friendships are made…forever!


And Where Will You Live, My Dear?


In a cottage by the water.  It matters not if the water is an ocean or a river or a lake; just water, for water is a healer, even in the shower.  On the land is where I will live. It matters not if the land is tiny or large, for the land is from where we come.  Where the skies are blue, for the sky 🌌 is where we connect with everyone before us and after us.  And it matters that the water, the land, and the sky have been sustained by all who have come before, for that is a gift from the past to those in the present to be sustained by us to be a gift to the future.  That gift is where I will live…