Where there is Energy, Vibration is…


Good morning on this abundant Thursday morning!

The energy is in the rain showers, in the birds singing, and in the human movement outside in the town of Oberlin.  Wherever there is energy, and energy is in everything, there is vibration.  The degree of vibration differs, but the vibration is there because energy is everywhere.  And the degree of vibration does not make anything more energetic than something else.  Every item in creation has energy; every item in creation has a degree of vibration.  And it is the energy and the vibration within us that we can feel.  But, if we sit long enough with any object, we will feel its vibration and its energy.  Kind of a quiet kind of field trip for a rainy Thursday.  

Being Thankful for the Enlightenment…

vibrations-goldThanksgiving was a great day for family, friends, and the local police department in Oberlin.  Thanksgiving evening the upper respiratory experience returned after abating for a few days.  The cough syrup experience resulted in being escorted the last several blocks home from Beachwood by the Oberlin Police Department.  It will take an act of God for me to take cough syrup ever again.  Two days earlier, I had an od experience by doubling up on the dosage by accident.  I will regain my health and keep it, that is the promise to myself.

Moving on, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were definitely “sick” days, but they were also the days of returning to health.  

About a year ago, the first of four episodes of this muck hit me and took away my voice for a month.  Soul searching led me to find what was happening since I do not get sick, or didn’t get sick for years.  I left an association with a business acquaintance at that time following 3 years of working with them.  It was time.  It was also the time when the Oberlin move began to materialize and several opportunities to add cash flow appeared.  I was off and running until June when I began to implement the plans and had already moved to Oberlin.  I jumped in and episode number 2 of the muck hit!  But I ignored it and kept up the crazy pace of beginning two new ventures:  Pampered Chef and Norwex.  I also became an active volunteer in the Oberlin Business Partnership.  Three months later, episode 3 hit; I dropped the Oberlin Business Partnership.  My voice came back.  The focus was on Pampered Chef and Norwex to get them grounded. My core business was being ignored, and I fully intend to get back into it, which I began to do.  I was not happy because I thought I should be able to handle everything.  I always could, but I had forgotten that the move to Oberlin was to grow Empower Excellence the way I envisioned it originally.  I created the concept document, and episode 4 hit!

The Empower Excellence Experience Nov 14 2017-page-0

The concept document promised clarification and it is being clarified as of this week.  This is still my mission, but there is a big explanation of the roles that Pampered Chef and Norwex will play.

When I left corporate America in 2012 for good, I made the promise to myself and to my clients that I would not sell product and I would not represent a company:  I would represent my clients in their best interest.  Somehow I stuck to it with Empower Excellence and my coaching, and I threw it away when it came to the rest of the concept.  And the Universe made sure that I went back to my intention and mission.  As the progression into Pampered Chef and Norwex took place, the muck episodes recurred while both of my holistic doctors reassured me that there was nothing physically wrong.  Then I got it!  

So now, I still am following The Empower Excellence Model of Personal Sustainability, but I am removing myself from the direct involvement in Norwex and Pampered Chef.  When needed by my clients, for employment opportunities especially, I will refer them to my spline managers in both Norwex and Pampered Chef.  I am now phasing out of both entities.  Sure, I personally love both products, but they are not my full-time passion.  The Empower Excellence financial transition is my mission and passion, and it is what I will focus on moving forward.  

Once you enter the path of evolution and empowerment, stepping away from that path can bring changes in vibration, and that happened.  It has affected my health, and I am aware enough that it took the Major Muck #4 to stop me long enough to realize what I had done, and only I could change it…and change it, I did. 

Good Vibrations or not…


Today is going to below key day starting with many errands…the first is not a pleasant one inasmuch as my landlord/neighbor found in his mailbox a check made payable to Empower Excellence, my company, and the ripped open envelope.  Who ever opened the mail in his mailbox did not even bother to put the check back in the envelope!  So it is off to the Post Office I go to be there when they open to file a complaint.  Then to return books to the library, then 8 miles away to one bank to deposit said check, and to another bank to make a deposit to earn extra cash over the next month!  No serious negotiations on this waning day of Mercury Retrograde. Yesterday was the day from Hades in that concern.

But I did resolve a big issue yesterday, although it too most of the day with Sprint totally ignorant of what they were doing, leading me to my internet provider, who led me to the supplier who sold me my router.  I was on a mission, and it took almost 4 hours of my day to retrieve a password for my wifi which I wrote somewhere (it is probably with the 500 business cards that disappeared) during the days leading to my move to Oberlin!  I will never forget that password again.

There are lessons to be learned with a day like yesterday:  time is money, and money rules the world, right behind technology!  Time is a valuable resource, and sometimes we just have to slow down enough, which had I been working a little slower on the move I might not have forgotten to write down the wifi password and my iPad would have been usable for the last 5 weeks, to make sure that we are doing what we need to do to save us tome and money moving forward.

Ironically, yesterday morning I canceled a 7:30 engagement for today because I have a lot to accomplish today with my newest venture in my company Pampered Chef “healthy” and its launch this weekend.  That time is now being spent with the Post Office!  And, yes, money is involved.  So, sometimes our inner voice knows what might be coming and helps us slow down enough to plan for the unknown!  And for that I am grateful…slow down, think, and be blessed on this day!


Good, Good, Good Vibrations


One thing that is missing on Facebook more and more as the days go on is balance, there are not good vibrations–everything is going political–either attempting to be positive politics or downright negative politics.  And I am looking for good vibrations; not there!

So, I am slowly disappearing from that form of social media.  Yes, I will posit periodically on my personal page or on my business page, but it is hard to fight the “stuff” that is out there.  And I do not want to fight–I want good vibrations.

So, if you are a Facebook fan, please help me, turn this around with Good, Good, Good Vibrations…I want to share, I want to be inspired.  

On a Vibrational Journey…Don’t Need No Caffeine!

Happiness is a Journey

Oh yes, I am on a journey for that is what life is.  And there is no end to the journey.  There is no moment in time when I can announce “I am done, I have done what I am meant to do in this life!”  You can say it, but it will prove you wrong every time.  Abraham, through Esther Hicks, has shared a line of wisdom that made me stop and think (Much of what she says makes me stop and think!).  This is not an exact quote, but the intent is that if we live in the NOW, there is no tomorrow for when tomorrow arrives, it is the NOW, and it goes on and on.  Simply profound.

 More than that, I have discovered on this journey that I am on a vibrational high, so much  so that I no longer need caffeine or any other energetic enhancing substance.  And, I finally realize that I do attract other high energy–high vibrational folks–in most parts of my life.  Or, they are folks who want to be on a higher vibrational level.  It has been a major awareness that has been awakened…I get my high from myself and others who are on a similar vibrational level.  Whether we are that way 100% of the time is not relevant for we know how to manage our vibrations so that we are on the higher level most of the time.  It is vibrational energy that drives us, makes us happy, and keeps us on the journey with no end…


Bad, Bad, Bad Vibrations Are Not Mine!


Most who read my daily thoughts know that I am an extremely positive person, especially on a Sunday!  So, what I am about to write will be as positive as it can be in light of the bad vibrations shared with me by others this morning…

The amazing thing was that I did not take on the bad vibrations!

It has been a long time since I have had to face “EGO” personalities.  But it does happen.  They are always well intentioned, but that is not how they present themselves.  They come forth, especially on Sunday, because they just cannot help it when they have been inspired by religion, spirituality, and all that Sunday brings.  Enough of that…Let’s switch to GOOD VIBRATIONS!

And there are so many good vibrations on any given day or evening.  Last evening I was invited to a musical program in Oberlin, Ohio, which at the last moment I decided to attend.  With a 45 minute drive, it was a good decision.  Fantastic program, fantastic friends, and inspirational music which really spoke to me.  Ironically, the program took place in a church, but the vibration of all performing, hosting,and attending was one of the most positive experiences I have had in a long time.  It was an evening of extremely professional performances without any EGO attached.  And that was what made it great.  The performances were theatrical to say the least.  Magnificent and soul touching and very, very real!

So, on this beautiful Sunday, maybe it was the GOOD, GOOD, GOOD Vibrations from last night that energized me to smile at the BAD, BAD, BAD Vibrations and move forward with my day.