Front Porch Friends…

Butterflies, fireflies. Find a jar.  Capture the light! Capture the flight! Sit on your front porch and be entertained!  Simplicity at its finest! But there is much more to the front porch.  There you can talk about anything or nothing!  There friendships are made over food, life, money and more.  There sustainable friendships are made…forever! […]

Sharing Summer Sustainability

Amy Cadore Shared this blog which originally appeared in the Norwex Movement Blog… Green Up Your Summer Celebrations Ahhh, summer . . . when the fresh air and sunshine make hosting holiday parties, birthday bashes and backyard barbecues even more appealing. But is it possible to throw a party that’s fun, creative and eco-friendly? Turns […]

Jumping for Joy!

Yes, you do have to be healthy to be personally sustainable!  There is no doubt about that.  Yesterday’s blog was about personal sustainability, and within an hour after writing it, I was faced with the first de-energizing decisions about my own personal sustainability. Without disclosing personal details, I had to live out a decision that […]

So What is Personal Sustainability?

Many years ago, while a financial planner, I was asked to describe what I am all about in one word.  Well, I could not do it in one word; but I could do it, and did, in two words:  Personal Sustainability. Since that time the word “sustainability” has been used quite a bit to talk […]

Living Local, Buying Local, Being Local…

Empowering Excellence in Personal Sustainability is unconscious work after it requires conscious work…Almost 5 weeks into Oberlin, and I have had some soul searching moments as I found it harder to break old habits than I thought it would be. My question to myself became “Why did I move to Oberlin?” The answer to that […]

Are You Ready for a Little Clean Living?

Well, maybe not exactly, but close.  Let us start with clean living!  What do I mean by that?  Well, maybe personally sustainable living.  The Empower Excellence Experience includes clean living and personal sustainability, the place where you have to start before you can go out and create a sustainable family, a sustainable community, or a sustainable […]

Bamboo Has Lessons to Teach…

Rome and its historic roots still remain today.  Taking centuries to build, and not always in a humane way, visiting Rome today will still allow you to see what the glory of Rome once was and still is.  It is just different today… And I am sure when Rome was “appearing” many thought that it would never […]