How Powerful Do You Feel Any Morning? #Financial Freedom

The First Decision of the Day…

When we talk about what your personal capital is, we are talking everything from knowledge to Intuition and more. Self worth often times comes when you can realize what you are better than anyone else at doing one particular thing. That’s easy, but do you know where your power is, what you are stronger than anyone at doing?

I truly believe that mornings are meant as a time to really look at yourself, either figuratively or in a mirror if you dare! Think about your strengths and could you improve them? Leave the weaknesses alone because if they are still a weakness, they may always remain a weakness. We are looking for your “power”. Find what you are really good at and become an expert in that area or areas. How do yo do that?

You start focusing on yourself, grow your strengths and find a way to make the world a better place with those strengths. If you can consistently work on your strengths, your source of power, you can grow in those areas, possibly build wealth using those ideas and eventually find financial freedom!

Your strengths can be in one or many areas of your life including financial, physical, mental, social or spiritual. Pick your starting point and limit the amount of time you spend focusing as you get started on the morning of your choice. Take one step at a time, do not force it, and do not stress about it. It may take a few tries before you find a strength that makes you smile and feel powerful. If nothing is working at first, put it aside until the next day. You will be amazed when this quiet focused time becomes a pleasant habit because you are spending time on your most important asset: you! It is up to you to design this morning time to work for you.

Find Hope in Trusting Yourself to Socialize & Network! #Empower Connect Share

Look at Socializing & Networking as TRUSTING IN YOURSELF!

In plain black and white, finding hope can be done in socializing…all kinds of socializing! But there is something you need to know about yourself first. That something is “Trust Yourself”.

In our Finding Hope with money segment yesterday, we touched on building confidence and self esteem and how money confidence helps build that. When you trust yourself with money, that carries over into trusting yourself with connecting with others. Trust in yourself builds to making you unshakeable. Your consciousness becomes unchanging, you feel grounded, and you know you can rely on yourself. All of these characteristics are needed to be able to explore and build new relationships which in turn do activate hope from within you. You know that you are worthy of all you are looking for.

Finding hope in socialization does also ask that you put ego aside as well as be vulnerable. Ego often acts as a shield, a shield that can be off-putting , but to put ego aside does make you more vulnerable, and that is good. Examine your expectations when socializing and networking; be careful to be open without expectations in socializing with new acquaintances. Chances are your new acquaintances may have their own lack of trust in themselves as well. They may be filled with doubt and fear and maybe expectations about you.

Trust yourself, trust your intuition. Trust and intuition are a part of your personal power. You can share that power, but do not give it away. When you meet someone new, or old in terms of a relationship, be open but careful. My words of wisdom in networking socializing is “Givers give”. Learn about your new acquaintance, learn about how you might be abe to help them with their purpose for socializing and networking. It is amazing how that opens up the conversation. But keep yourself in mind as well. A real danger signal is someone who only wants to “take” and not give”. That can kill hope really fast, but trust yourself, trust your intuition; you are powerful. Just remember that you are powerful. Find hope here.

But what about socializing and networking in our current times. This is where assessing your experience and comfort with the technology available is needed. Many networking groups are using and encouraging using the tools such as LIVE networking on Facebook. Zoom meetings and more can be useful but a little intimidating until you learn how to use them effectively. Get your feet wet slowly in the technology. I am very thankful that each of my four regional networking groups have their own “closed” Facebook group only open to the members to share, to experiment going LIVE, and in turn offering feedback to others and seeking help from the other members when they need it. There are many ways members can become familiar and learn to trust themselves with the technology. You can find hope here as well.

In all situations, in person and virtual, practice the art of conversation including listening. Conversation can be productive in all forms if listening and speaking are balanced along with the sharing of wisdom. This is where your power and self trust reign and are weighed constantly by your intuition. You know when to insert your power if you are listening to your internal trust; this is your intuition speaking to you without speaking. Intuition is a great conversation tool but weigh it carefully. Go gentle into conversation as you build your hope for too much of any of this can be counterproductive! Trust yourself, all of yourself.

I Do Not Care About Living on the Fringe!

Self Confidence Super Power

In a recent effort to stay focused on Personal Sustainability, self-esteem has been a major topic.  When you reach self confidence in this area, you are indeed a super power.  Yes, magic does happen.  Does it happen all of the time?  No!  Do people like and love you more?  No!  

What does happen is that the more self esteem and the more self confidence you have, the more many people look at you like you are living on the fringe.  I try not to become involved in pettiness, gossip, etc.  I also become a little more judgmental privately.  I have very high standards, and those standards and values are not always shared.  Throughout my career, I have been in unusual positions in government, politics, finances, and many times there may not have been standards and values evident to the naked eye.  I was on the fringe back then, and I am still on the fringe today even in my own business.  I live my life in the most ethical way I can, and my patience for those who are not honest, ethical, or living their values is very small.  That is living on the fringe today.  

I am currently purging much of my email and Facebook feeds.  I simply want my time spent better, and I have found all of it has become addictive.  My focus is on my personal and professional dedication to Personal Sustainability, and The Empower Excellence Experience is designed to do just that with spirituality, money, food, and chemical free living.  I am trying, and it is hard, not to post anything that is negative in this regard:  no politics, no Monsanto, no negative thinking,  and I am succeeding.  “Friends”, groups, and more are in the least being “unfollowed” or “unfriended”.  Please do not take it personally, that is for me to do.  My personal values are the measurement I am using as much as I can these days.  And it is putting me on the fringe, I know that.  But my self esteem and self confidence have been worked on for years.  Earlier this week, the germination of the new me burst forth with multiple examples from the Universe on what I needed to work on:  no more bullshitters allowed, no truth–no friend, no game players allowed, no rule breakers allowed, no audacious characters who feel privileged, and more.  This is not easy, but it is where the Universe, my purpose and mission are leading me.  Dreams have been lucid in their directions.  Sleep has been plentiful and peaceful.  The seed has been planted for this season; the seed has survived through many tests; and now the seed is germinated and moving on to the current creation of me.  And I am grateful.  Whatever is being left in the wake of this new birth is meant to be left behind.  I transplanted myself to Oberlin, tested the soil, and I am now the new Oberlin me!  There have been tests to go through for me to find my new way, and I am now on the path.

I have always been on the fringe, a little weird, a little odd, a little geeky, a little bit of an introvert appearing as an extrovert, a Mensa in a common person’s dress, and much more fringe type personas.  But I am older now, I am happier now, and I am working toward the Personally Sustainable life I have envisioned for years.  There is no time and no room for those who are not authentic, who are not true, who are fake, who are audacious, who are trying to beat the system.  And there is no time for those who participate in negativity of any kind:  political, values, life, and more.  And it is not mine going forward to take any of these personalities to task.  That is the role of The Universe, karma, and higher powers.  Let me live my life on the mission and purpose that is mine, let me love my life, let me love all who cross my path, knowing that those who I do not wish to walk my path with will remove themselves quickly or The Universe will do it for them…and for me!  And I am grateful for that!