Sundays are Always a Little Brighter!

First Church of Oberlin is where I really became acquainted with the city of Oberlin in the early 2000’s… Now, on a Sunday, I do try to attend whenever possible.  I went to bed yesterday and awoke this morning with that intention, and it was all so different for me.  My meditation time this morning before […]

The Town That Started the Civil War…

Unfolding my history in Oberlin must include the book by Nat Brandt “The Town That Started the Civil War”, which I read about a year ago as I began my journey to live here.  If you have ever been to Oberlin, this is a must read.  It is more than just a story about the Underground Railroad; […]

Changing the World One Breath at a Time…

The move to Oberlin is complete…the rest is in the details, but this is my first day back in my office, and I admit it felt strange not being here and just as strange being here this morning. With winds gusting outside my window and promising to reach 50-60 mph gusts today, the sun is shining, […]

Moving is Priceless…

When friends and acquaintances learn that I am moving to Oberlin, their first question is usually “Why?” There are so many possible answers, but my favorite is “I am meant to be there.” It is an answer that began to form about 20 years ago, and it has developed ever since.  I had never been to Oberlin […]

Time to Go Back Into the World, I Guess!

The month of December has been a self-imposed retreat as I lost my voice for several weeks, and I took the time to clear my head physically and mentally and emotionally, but now it is time to ease back into the world.  I am not sure that I am ready, but in the words of […]