Spending Time with Gratitude!

So many folks think that Personal Sustainability is all about the Power of Attraction or Abundance.  While that is a part of Personal Sustainability, it is not what I am focusing on with my Personal Sustainability work.  In fact, the focus is on our relationship with money and how that affects our Personal Sustainability.  The main […]

Gratitude: Personal Sustainability Depends Upon It!

Without gratitude, where are we?  If love is the solution to losing fear, what does gratitude have to do with it??  Appreciation, love, gratitude are all linked together.  If you are without appreciation and gratitude, it is hard to believe you are living with a face towards love.  It is that simple.  Ask yourself:  What […]

Why Did I Dream of Oberlin?

Short and sweet answer:  I am an optimist who is spiritually grounded and I thrive in a community and atmosphere of equality, justice, sustainability, and diversity.  I am a liberal who has a strong conservative bent.  I am a minimalist, and I respect the Earth.  Over the years since 1997, when I first visited Oberlin as […]

Thankful for the Positive!

Very simply, as we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, be thankful! Being thankful has everything to do with being positive.  Being positive has everything to do with enjoying life!   Enjoy the holiday no matter how you spend it…it is a perfect time to be positive, to spread good vibes, and to enjoy your life!

A Transformation is Underway…

While this is my first sharing of 2017 plans, it is meant mainly for GOD and the Universe, but I am sharing with the followers of my blog…empowerexcellencewithjan.wordpress I know in my soul that this will come into existence, but I am sending this message to GOD to help me achieve the next step of […]

Would You Dare to Tell Your Employer? Day Seven

OK, BOSS, I UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE ECONOMY, I UNDERSTAND MONEY IS TIGHT FOR THE COMPANY, AND ALL THAT YOU TALK ABOUT: But Boss, be reasonable with me, reasonable pay is ok! This is where recognition, opportunities, flexibility come into play. EARNING WHAT YOU’RE WORTH SERIES OF http://www.empowerexcellencewithjan.com