Spending Time with Gratitude!

Enlightened Gratitude

So many folks think that Personal Sustainability is all about the Power of Attraction or Abundance.  While that is a part of Personal Sustainability, it is not what I am focusing on with my Personal Sustainability work.  In fact, the focus is on our relationship with money and how that affects our Personal Sustainability.  The main areas begin with the money relationship and spread out to the energy and the power of the mind, body, and spirit.  But to get there, the money relationship needs to be explored and eventually understood before any significant change in any part of our lives can occur.  

The fundamentals of money — saving and spending– are a part of the money relationship; but, once again, that is not my focus.  My focus with a Personal Sustainability slant is being comfortable with making decisions about money, no matter how much or how little you have.  There could be volumes written about this, but most people only want to get more and how to do that.  Not my thing.  My thing is the energy and the power of money.  And money does have energy, just as you do; and money has power inasmuch as it allows you to become Personally Sustainable in your mind, your body, and your spirit.  

I am often asked how do I decide what to write about daily, and that is an interesting question.  Today, and on many days when I am experiencing positive energy and power from meditation and nature–I have already walked 1.5 miles in nature this morning, I allow the words to flow.  There may be an inspiration as today’s is from a favorite spiritual leader, Michael Bernard Beckwith.  There may be an emotion or feeling that is yelling to be shared.  But the most powerful are when I am hearing the main idea in my head over and over.  That is what I am writing about today:  Gratitude.

Without defining “enlightened” which could be a whole book by itself, I want to talk about “gratitude”.  And gratitude is personal.  I can just wake up feeling grateful.  I can feel grateful when I get home safe at night with a dashboard indicator light popping on during my freeway drive.  I can be thankful seeing a whole yard of the most beautiful golden yellow leaves that have fallen with the windy days we have had .  I can be thankful when Trader Joe’s has the couscous I need for a special dish.  It does not have to be big, and it does not have to be major.  It is the little things that warm my heart and my soul and sometimes bring me to tears.Liam's Candle 10 31 2017

The above photo is of  simple candle given to me by my 3+year old grandson, Liam, after giving me a piece of chocolate cake with this candle lit in it and singing happy birthday to me on my recent birthday!  He told me to take my candle home…Yes, that gives me goosebumps I am so grateful not only for the candle but for the thoughtfulness and love this small child has!  These are small things that are oh so big and so heartwarming.  That candle is on my desk where I work, and I cannot look at it without the feeling of thankfulness for small blessings.

As we continue on the Personal Sustainability path, gratitude and thankfulness will appear frequently.  This is an energizing attitude, emotion, and feeling that is necessary to become Sustainable, Personal and Universally.  


Gratitude Illusion of Lack

It is rare that a simple act can change so much, but being grateful creates such major changes within and without.  Lack can create lack…it is your thoughts that start the cycle, creating the feeling of lack.  But gratitude can turn it all around.  It is said the simplest meditation is to say, or think, “thank you.”  Try it!

Gratitude: Personal Sustainability Depends Upon It!

Gratitude Illusion of Lack

Without gratitude, where are we?  If love is the solution to losing fear, what does gratitude have to do with it??  Appreciation, love, gratitude are all linked together.  If you are without appreciation and gratitude, it is hard to believe you are living with a face towards love.  It is that simple.  Ask yourself:  What am I grateful for at this moment?  It could be hard to find one thing if you are not in tune with gratitude.  It could also be hard for some to stop at one or two things.  It matters not except that, if you are not in a state of gratitude, you will know that.  Everything has a tone of negativity about it.  Not my choice today…

In a Monday Kind of Way, Take the Time for Gratitude…

Gratitude Illusion of Lack

If you are feeling that there is more in life that you would like to have, that you are lacking in some area or way of life, do not spend a whole lot of time figuring it out before you take the time to be grateful

Gratitude  for the smallest of things not only changes your perspective, but it also gives the Universe the message that you appreciate what life gives you, what Nature provides for you, and who you are as you are.  It is a great way to open the door for more to enter your life.  Oh, and by the way, after you really feel gratitude, begin to focus on being receptive, not knowing gifts are coming your way but being open to whatever does come your way!  

Gratitude is a great gift for a Monday!

Why Did I Dream of Oberlin?


Short and sweet answer:  I am an optimist who is spiritually grounded and I thrive in a community and atmosphere of equality, justice, sustainability, and diversity.  I am a liberal who has a strong conservative bent.  I am a minimalist, and I respect the Earth.  Over the years since 1997, when I first visited Oberlin as a resident of Vermilion, I found all of this.  It is not utopia, but it is real.  And now, with great determination and faith, I overcame the obstacle of finding adult appropriate residences, it is a College town after all, and it is on to Oberlin!  There is much in Oberlin that makes it a wonderful community–movie theatre, live theatre, art museum, restaurants that care about the source and quality of food, an environment that shuns corporate America (Walmart, McDonalds, etc.), fantastic libraries, historical programs, and so much more.  Is it “LALALAND”?  No.  But it is real, and it is part of my dream for my future! 

Thankful for the Positive!

Positive Me

Very simply, as we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, be thankful!

Being thankful has everything to do with being positive.  Being positive has everything to do with enjoying life!  

Enjoy the holiday no matter how you spend it…it is a perfect time to be positive, to spread good vibes, and to enjoy your life!

A Transformation is Underway…

While this is my first sharing of 2017 plans, it is meant mainly for GOD and the Universe, but I am sharing with the followers of my blog…empowerexcellencewithjan.wordpress

I know in my soul that this will come into existence, but I am sending this message to GOD to help me achieve the next step of my mission and passion that began with EMPOWER Excellence several years ago.  The vision is now there.

With Divine Love and the Powers of the Universe, this or something better will evolve in the coming moments and days and months.  I am walking forward with all on this path….

AN EXPANSION OF PROGRAMS BEGINS IN 2017 to include consciousness and healthy food, foundational elements to assist on the path to EMPOWER Excellence.  EMPOWER Excellence’s Financial Coaching continues and will be enhanced by these offerings.