Fixing My Life: Start With Food! #EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE

Who is the Farmer? Is it Processed Food? WTF, the time has come!

This week has been all about getting down and dirty: building virtual relationships, being nonjudgmental, being empathetic, being nonjudgmental, and getting out of my own way. Just to share the last post on Wednesday to empathize with others who cannot get out of their own way either! But now let’s put some ACTION RATHER THAN WORDS out there. How can we become ACTION oriented: we can look at how we take care of ourselves starting with food.

No, this is not really how to eat or how to diet. Acting on the food in our lives can bring many good results including hope and possibility to each of us. Food is always needed, but we need to be actively looking at what we are eating. Really, who raised it, where did it come from? Reently I read an attributed line in Dr. Mark Hyman’s book FOOD FIX that went something like this: Where are you going to leave your one grain of spiritual sand on the universal scales of humanity?

Did you ever think that FOOD can restore ecosystems, build soil, protect our water resources, reduce pollution, increase biodiversity, and reverse climate change? But only if it is a redemptive food system. Yes, we can change our food system to change the world. And we can do it one by one. It i something we can do. Now this is ACTION!

Ok, here we go. I have not seen any correlation between our diets and COVID 19, our current pandemic. “Current”, yes, because the world cannot continue in the self destructive ways we have reached right now. Yes, there are many who are personally addressing these issues, but it is always surprising to see the grocery carts of so many others today. We are a sick society! We are suffering from water so expensive many cannot afford it, pesticide poisoning, processed food no one understands the labeling, and more!

A long time ago, I began overhauling my diet to become more and more plant based. I am not 100% there, but I now eat plant-rich (no longer plant-based), I am easy on fruit, I use healthy fats, I love nuts and seeds, I choose pasture-raised eggs, and I eat beans, and fish are becoming more and more suspect. Why am I sharing? Because it is my belief that our health begins with our food. Some day some one will look at the COVID 19 phenomenon and may see that this pandemic did affect those whose health was compromised and poor food choices can compromise anyone’s health! ACTION can begin with the fuel for all of our bodies: We can get out of our own way by making sure what we eat will not harm us now or in the future!

Off to the Farm Market!

Organic Roosters

and the people spend their money, Farmers/Makers earn their money, the money goes back into the Earth, and the cycle begins again—that is Slow Money, that is Woody Tasch who wrote a book by the name of SLOW MONEY, which heralded a movement to support local farmers, local food entrepreneurs, and has managed to stimulate the local and national food economy.  It is all about money—yours, mine, and ours!  Support your nutrition and your money…go find a local farm market or stand today!

How Valuable are You?

Organic Produce

you are important…and you need to take care of you!  Not only nutrition but GMOs, pesticides have been shown to harm the human being, and you are a human being!  Why would you choose anything but organic when it is available?  A simple replacement is locally grown when you get to know the local farmers and their growing practices.  We will talk about farmers markets and more, but the question for the day is:  how valuable are you?

Sustainability & Quality of Food


It is quite the conundrum finding the best food at a reasonable rate.  Money always plays a part but it is only one variable.  Education plays a role.  The attached illustration gives only a part of what we all need to know to be able to make good choices with food.  BUT, I do want to say that if you stick to fresh, local fruits and vegetables, you can avoid many pitfalls with today’s foods.  Educate yourself; food is an investment in your body and your future health.  Be conservative and aim for longevity.  Please.

Food Sustainability: What Price to Pay?


Loving fruits and loving vegetables is a good thing, but be aware of what you are doing.  Many years ago, I developed symptoms of severe allergies and sinus infections.  After many months of Cleveland Clinic doctors not knowing what the problem was, an integrative medicine practitioner put her finger on it quickly.  I was fresh squeezing orange juice every day even when the symptoms appeared since everyone thought the Vitamin C would help.  Wrong!  Too much naturally-occurring glucose was my problem.  I was recommended to “no fruit” for 6 months.  Two weeks later the symptoms disappeared.  

Fruit is good in small doses, much like a dessert, but better earlier in the day than later.  So many people spend so much money on buying fruit all year whether it is in season in their geographic location or not.  The same is true with vegetables.  It is a big leap, but try eating local with what is in season in your area.  

You can eat healthy while eating seasonally….and you may just save some money!

Eating Local…One Way Less Expensive…

Food Regret Eating Healthy Vegetables

Thank you for the positive response to the Personal Sustainability avenue of food.  The thought that eating very healthy is more expensive especially when you buy organic was presented.  But there are other options including buying and eating local if you take the time to learn about the grower Farmers.  The Farmer is your answer.  Many farmers do not pursue the Organic certification because of the heavy requirements but they believe in healthy growing!  They know their craft, they know their seeds, they know natural farming methods.  I have taken the time at farmers markets and roadside family farm stands to learn the growing habits for their crops.  Local can be healthy and less expensive.  Learn about your local farmers, make them your friends, and they can be your local source of food in a lesser expensive way!  Both the farmer and you can become more personally sustainable.  Recently, I have had these talks with folks from Black River Organics in Wellington, Ohio, Tyler’s Hydroponics in Oberlin, Jimmy’s Jams,  and Sapp’s Farm in Pittsfield.  I count them as my friends…

Personally Sustainable? Show me!

Organic Produce

Let’s start with food!  Everyone needs to eat.  What we choose to eat is up to us.  Money 💰 helps determine how we think about food.  Right or wrong, it plays a part!  It is not up to me to tell you what is right for you.  It is up to me to share what I have learned over the years.  

One reason to pick the best food I can is to become and stay healthy.  Just like everything in our lives–money, religion,food–family plays its part.  My mother and father were from “farming” cultures.  Poland and Ireland.  Heavy foods that stretched.  Both were from dysfunctional homes.  Food was not a priority to be healthy.  Meals were just meals.  I did not learn to cook until I taught myself.  Enough said.  At the age of 24, I had an emergency gall bladder removal.  The history was repeated with one of my siblings.  That began healthier eating.  But food became an obsession with a colonoscopy episode many years later.  I do not want to get into the medical practices in the United States, other than to say that food should be our medicine, not medicine our food.  Step by step, I eat organic as much as possible. I believe that my body is the only home I will ever have, and it is mine to care for.

I will not eat chicken.  I went through hypnosis to remove soda from my life.  I rarely drink alcohol.  I filter all my water.  I do not eat wheat products regularly.  I do not use the microwave; do not even have one.  I buy organic through the local IGA, the Oberlin Farmer’s Market, Heinen’s, Trader Joe’s, picking and choosing as I go.  The only meat  🍖 I eat comes from Trader Joe’s.  It is not cheap, but it is the highest quality for the money.  And, as this is important–upon the advice of my holistic practitioner, I eat only between 9 and 16 ounces per week.  Figure that out to be 2-3 ounces per 7 main meals.  I no longer crave meat.  I no longer crave sugar.  I eat what I view as needed by my body, and my body knows what it needs since I have removed most processed products, all GMO produce and products, sugars, from my daily eating.  Enough about what I do.

What do you do to be personally sustainable with food, the fuel you need to live?

I do want to close with the thought that how we treat our bodies reflects the state of our self esteem.  How do we value our self worth?  This is where money comes into play.  Think:  you can spend the money to eat healthy now OR you can spend more money on health-related issues in the future.  

Stay tuned for more on how to eat healthy without going broke!

Why Did I Choose Pampered Chef?

PC Thank You Chef

And why did I choose to be Pampered Chef “healthy”?

  Pampered Chef is all about food.  It is all about healthy food and learning to cook healthy food with quality cooking utensils and tools and serving pieces.  People of all ages will tell me that they do not cook; but they do have to eat.  So what are they eating?  Fast food, processed food, take out food?  And, if they do not cook, they may also be stressed because they are not practicing self-care.  Stressed because they do not make the time for themselves.  

One of my reasons for beginning the foundation I am building with Pampered Chef is to help women who are returning to the workforce–or need to return to the workforce–after years of raising a family, working in a level below their skills and financial requirements.  Women, many times, have dropped out of the workforce to raise families and tend to decades-old marriages, and then they are faced with the death or departure of a spouse leaving them financially devastated.  And more than that, they are left with very low self esteem.  

Yes, it is my intention to build an intentional team, and on the way, team members will have socialization, specialization as a “consultant”, and an opportunity to build a business that fits whatever they would like it to be.  And it can be a lot.  I am taking my time to make sure that I build a foundation for me that is solid, that will help me help others learn to cook, and then it will also help me build a good environment for women to succeed.  And, yes, I will succeed, as well.

And even more, I chose to call my business Pampered Chef “healthy” because I do depart from the tenets that Pampered Chef has been known to promote including use of the microwave and processed foods.  Pampered Chef allows me to cook “healthy” without those two elements.  Having said that, in my short tenure with Pampered Chef, I have seen changes happening:  healthier recipes, with more vegan and vegetarian choices, and still a focus on families–no matter the makeup or sizes, including a line of offerings focusing on children, which has been been proven that teaching children to cook, leads them to cooking and more self care as they grow and mature.

I have also chosen Pampered Chef because I am learning to love doing virtual Facebook parties, and I am exploring other social avenues as well.  Yes, I would love to do in home parties now that I am more confident about the products and recipes, and that will happen!  But Pampered Chef allows me to build my business my way!  I am taking it slow, I am taking it sure, and I am making a path for Pampered Chef in my portfolio of offerings to focus on my business The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  Personal Sustainability really resides in the basic level of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs:  food, shelter, and basic needs.  That is where I am today focusing with Pampered Chef on a basic need.  My energy will flow where it is needed in this quest because my intention is clear, and the Universe will work with me on the way to making others successful while finding the light and energy of success in my own way. 

And the Local Farmer’s Market is Where I Start….

Food Control Fruits and Vegetables

Ok, enough about food, good and bad, why do I, the financial transitions expert, focus on food.  It is because it is next to your mortgage or rent your high spending item.  And we need to eat to live, or do we live to eat.

No matter, money allows us to purchase a life necessity!

No debate there.

So, this is an expense that you can educate yourself on to make the best choices for you no matter how much or how little money you have to spend.  And, yes, food and money both have emotional components.  Working through that, finding your path with food, is a long time road.

Bottom line:  food is up to you!  Where will you start with your food today?