How Valuable are You?

you are important…and you need to take care of you!  Not only nutrition but GMOs, pesticides have been shown to harm the human being, and you are a human being!  Why would you choose anything but organic when it is available?  A simple replacement is locally grown when you get to know the local farmers […]

Sustainability & Quality of Food

It is quite the conundrum finding the best food at a reasonable rate.  Money always plays a part but it is only one variable.  Education plays a role.  The attached illustration gives only a part of what we all need to know to be able to make good choices with food.  BUT, I do want […]

Food Sustainability: What Price to Pay?

Loving fruits and loving vegetables is a good thing, but be aware of what you are doing.  Many years ago, I developed symptoms of severe allergies and sinus infections.  After many months of Cleveland Clinic doctors not knowing what the problem was, an integrative medicine practitioner put her finger on it quickly.  I was fresh squeezing […]

Eating Local…One Way Less Expensive…

Thank you for the positive response to the Personal Sustainability avenue of food.  The thought that eating very healthy is more expensive especially when you buy organic was presented.  But there are other options including buying and eating local if you take the time to learn about the grower Farmers.  The Farmer is your answer. […]

Personally Sustainable? Show me!

Let’s start with food!  Everyone needs to eat.  What we choose to eat is up to us.  Money 💰 helps determine how we think about food.  Right or wrong, it plays a part!  It is not up to me to tell you what is right for you.  It is up to me to share what I […]

Why Did I Choose Pampered Chef?

And why did I choose to be Pampered Chef “healthy”?   Pampered Chef is all about food.  It is all about healthy food and learning to cook healthy food with quality cooking utensils and tools and serving pieces.  People of all ages will tell me that they do not cook; but they do have to eat. […]

More Bad News About “Good” Cereals!

In the past month or so I have been doing a lot of reading about “Cancer”, and this is an article by Deborah Oke that has been included in the “Truth About Cancer” website. It is a powerful piece that I was not going to try to summarize.  Thank you Ty Hollinger and Deborah Oke… […]