Your Employers Can Help Your Finances…

It might help to know that the pressures individual employees feel with their finances could be helped by the actions their employers could take.  And I am not just talking salaries! For all of those who go to a job every day, the worries individuals are facing with finances is spilling into the workplace.  It is […]

The Pressure to Become Financially Well!

Dealing with your personal finances can be painful just like a trip to the dentist.  The fear keeps you from beginning even though you know you need to go to maintain health.  It is just like this with money.  You know you need to really learn about your money:  how much you have, how much […]

Financial Wellness….What is It?

When it comes to money, everybody wants to tell you how to invest, how to save, how to retire rich.  That is like telling someone that they will be well every day of their life. Does not happen that way.  Life is a balancing act.  Life is ups and downs.  Life is learning as we […]

It is Saturday, but…

As an entrepreneur, as an employer, the weekends many times, when you are away from the everyday workplace, become the unconscious thinking time, a very productive time.  For those of you have employees, this is their time, for many, to kick back and relax before returning refreshed to the workplace in a day or two. […]

Empower Excellence: True Wellness is Physical, Mental and FINANCIAL!

DOES FINANCIAL WELLNESS SOUND LIKE A PIPE DREAM? YOU CAN COPE AND EASE FINANCIAL STRESS BY BEING FINANCIALLY WELL… oh, but the BANKS are now speaking about FINANCIAL WELLNESS! Ask your bank about their “Financial Wellness” program and let me know what they tell you it is… REALLY, I DO WANT TO KNOW