Making decisions can be tough…



Making decisions can be a tough thing to do, and it can require courage.  Sometimes we need to go boldly to make money decisions because the decision, while difficult, is the right one to make in the NOW.  Stopping to think it through, lots of deep breathing, and we know what we have to do!  Then we put forth the courage and do it!

Trusting Your Capabilities!

I Believe in Courage

We talked about courage yesterday, and I want to touch on your capabilities as you are finding your courage.  When you are finding a dream, and then finding the courage to pursue that dream, if you find yourself overwhelmed by your dream, bring focus on what you can do in small steps:  today, tomorrow, next week, next month, this year and begin to do that one small step each day, each week, each month, and each year.  This is courage:  one small step forward (and sometimes steps backward)towards a dream that you hold constant in your mind, body, and spirit.  But take it one step more:  when you find your courage in each step, admit to yourself that you are courageous and that you are making progress toward that dream that may have once, and may still, overwhelm you!  You have the capability to achieve your dream, you have the ability to move forward, and you are finding the courage!

And then September began…


Nor is it an excuse…

Yesterday was September 1, and it turned out to be a very productive day in a very different way…I am beginning an invitation-only program to fast track me in a selected area of The Empower Excellence Experience.  It came to me without any request on my part.  That was a door opening to realize that I often do not ask for manifestations that are “big” enough.  This is a big ask that came to me, and I accepted the challenge.  You see, like “being a girl” is never a reason or excuse for anything, as we get older, the reason or excuse that “we are too old” to start something big is never a reason or an excuse for anything!

I guess, with the change of the seasons as Fall approaches, I am finally accepting that I am “older”.  But that is probably as far as it will go.  I am young at heart, younger in appearance than my chronological age, and my fighting spirit that was pushed down in the 1960’s is coming into full bloom.  I am ready for anything and everything within my choosing.

And that is what my move to Oberlin 6 months ago this weekend was all about:  I am choosing a different lifestyle.  I am choosing to combine that lifestyle with an on-line modern day presence in many parts of the reconfigured Empower Excellence into The Empower Excellence Experience.  I want my freedom to do what is my mission and passion:  Personal Sustainability.  Many have traveled this road in many forms:  we want peace and quiet and love to pursue what is ours to do.  And that has nothing to do with being female or being older.  It is the essence of the soul becoming awake!

So, yes, yesterday was September 1, and I worked and I went “into the city” to do necessary banking that cannot be done electronically.  I took two first steps in the accelerated challenge and began to reach goals for that program already.  I crossed off another “to do” because literally I am too old to participate in a financial services program but I can do a better, more sustainable job of the task on my own.  That was confirmed by my insurance agent!  I did what was mine to do, including laundry, brewing gallons of tea for the coming week, and cleaning the floors of my home.  It was nesting in many areas, and it was mine to do.

There was no blog…that was meant to start off the month of September today.  And this is what I offer each and every one of you in this newly arriving season that I love…it is called “Fall” for a reason.  It is time to fall in love with yourself and what is yours to do, no matter how little or big or challenging or not challenging it is.  Fall for the love in your heart, in nature, and in all you do.  This is what I wish for you today on this Labor Day Weekend,and, for many of us, falling is a labor that we sometimes feel it not justified, as we have too many other things to do,  But many times those other things lead to a winter of discontent!

Courage is What is Missing!


Some folks think I am being risky with some posts lately, that I am taking on “the corporate food giants”!  Yes, I am pulling up my courage in the area of Sustainability.

Personal Sustainability is our responsibility from birth.

We acquiesce as we grow, letting others make decisions; and then as adults, we attempt to reverse the negative to attain longevity and quality of life.  But it is our responsibility to have courage.

Think about the food you eat, the medications doctors prescribe for you, the cosmetics you use–women and men, the chemicals in your home and yards and gardens, clothing you wear, etc., etc.

You can be courageous, you must be courageous for the body you have is not only the only one you have, it is the temple for all you really are!


Be Courageous With Your Money Beliefs!

I Believe in Courage

Michael Bernard Beckwith has been a favorite of mine in many things spiritual for many years.  But what I really like is that he is a teacher.  Many years ago on a program dealing with prosperity Michael advocated that when bills arrive, be happy.  Be grateful because the issuer of the bill was good enough to allow you to use the service for which the bill has been sent before you paid for it.  Interesting take on it, I thought.  But since that day, I welcome bills and am grateful for them.  

I am not always happy to have to pay them, but I am grateful for what they represent.  This is a shift in my beliefs and is one of the courageous beliefs I have with money…that I should be thankful for bills.  But courage goes much further than that inasmuch as they always get paid one way or another.  The bill is a piece of paper for something someone allowed you to have whether it be a piece of merchandise, a medical service or a utility.  

A bill upon arrival can strike fear or love into your heart!  Replace the fear with courage.  Open the bill, remember what it is for, be grateful for whatever it is for, and put it in its paper place to pay it at the appropriate time.  In the case that you do not have the resources to pay it at the moment of its arrival, practice courage in another way.  You know in your heart that the resources will available or they will not be available.  If there is no chance that they will be available, then gather up your courage and advise your creditor when it is appropriate to do so; that is, before the actual payment due date.  Many times, your courage will pay off and they will work out a plan with you.  Then breathe and believe that it will all work out.  Small steps of courage lead you to do the right thing at the right time.  Begin now.