sharing the power through sharing the energy

It is Sunday; yesterday’s play day was an inexpensive day in Oberlin with the Green Energy Tour, the library, the farmers’ market, and a lecture on food science.  Good people, good energy.  It is amazing that in life in all areas we do attract the energy that we give off.  I left home for the […]

Recognizing How Powerful We Are…

  How powerful are we?  It is an awakening when we realize that we are as powerful as God and the Universe as we are all one.  But throughout our lives we need to be reminded that the power of the Universe and of God lies within us…always has, always will.  We are the ones […]

When Expiration Dates are Good!

Sitting on my desk this Sunday afternoon is a yellow fly swatter in the shape of a butterfly!  It is almost an oxymoron…why would I buy a yellow fly swatter in the shape of a butterfly to give to clients?  I think the intention was good, but the entrepreneur who thought it would be a […]

And then you move on…there may be folks left behind!

Three years ago this coming October, I agreed to take on the leadership role for a women’s networking group I had been a member of for about 10 years.  Not only was I asked to take it on in a leadership position, but I was asked to take it on as a part of my […]

My Opinion is My Opinion…

And my opinion is not worth a whole lot…My example is kindness and graciousness.  Lessons are learned through experiences…some good, some bad, some neutral.  My path to Oberlin is a straight one with crooked turns…and yesterday was a crooked turn.  The promise of an easy fix usually turns out to be a really crooked fix. […]