Thinking About a Career Change! #Financial Freedom

Want to make a lot of money?

Stop thinking a career in money will be your answer to change your life story or your money story. Stop thinking that the business of money is your answer. Before you ever begin to think that way, consider as Simon Sinek preaches know your “WHY”! I have lived the career as a financial professional in several forms : it does not automatically make money flow in your life. Just look at this year: pandemic, stock market tumult , race riots, and that does not include anything ever happening in your personal life.

Put on your thinking cap, find out where you and your money story are today. Educate yourself about your options, including life and money options. Learn what is involved regarding education requirements, lifestyle changes–not all luxury and glamour. Think about your family. If you still want to do this, it is also not necessarily “physician heal thyself”. Financial professionals become broke, go into debt, file bankruptcy, become divorced, and more.

While you are thinking career change, find what it is you are passionate about doing day in and day out. Then move forward. If it is a career in the business of money, I can share my perspective: I do what I do because I want people to know what FINANCIAL FREEDOM feels like: the ability to make decisions in all parts of your life without having money hold you back! And that is simple if that is what makes getting up every morning an inspiration for you! Think about it.


EMPOWER Excellence empowering YOU! #Financial Freedom

How can you EMPOWER your own Excellence?

The folks who meet with life success and then tell the world it was because of the hard work they did, really confuse me. They may not work harder, they may not even be smarter than most of us. They took their past and used the magic by thinking, speaking, and acting how they wanted their life to be. But they tell everyone it was hard work, and they leave part of the impression that has affected all of us in our past that hard work is the path to success. And so it goes, the processs of hard work repeats itself. To do otherwise really is magic , the magic of letting go of their past, the magic of being receptive, the magic of acceptance. Try the magic and think, speak, and act as if all the things you want have become all of the things you have.

When I began Empower Excellence, “money” was the theme. Today, it is different, the focus is on the individual, the focus is on YOU! Money is a tool, that is all it is, and it is a necessary tool for most parts of life. Within Empower Excellence, I do not have a philosophy, it is my role to help YOU find a philosophy YOU can live with to be who you want to be. I have learned that I have come to a strong spiritual personal doctrine, but it is not mine to just give to anyone else. It is my role to help YOU develop a personal doctrine particular to you no matter what it is. This happens by developing with you a set of practices to keep your mind, body, and spirit engaged in a way that you are comfortable. I have learned over the years that physical actions have a mental and spiritual effect.

So how do YOU start, and where do I start with working with YOU? I start with YOU. It is my turn to listen intently to your mental conversation (your thoughts), your emotional conversation (your feelings), and your physical conversation (your needs and more). The question becomes HOW DO YOU WANT TO EVOLVE? And you may not know the HOW yet, and that is why we start with helping you find YOUR WHY.

That is where you start…

Hope for the Flowers #Financial Freedom

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS by Trina Paulus 1972

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS by Trina Paulus in 1972 introduces us to two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow”, working so very hard to reach the top of the caterpillar pile. They have no idea that their striving, if left alone, would bring their wings and they would have the ability to fly. Rather they were competitive, not collaborative, as they strove to reach the top of their quest.

There is a small lesson within HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS to learn in regard to your life and in many cases your money. But it is a gentle lesson, “Quit standing on tiptoes!” So many times in life we are reminded that we will never get what we desire without “stretching”, but stretching and standing on tiptoes accomplishes several things: we are not grounded and we are off balance.

Both stretching and standing on tiptoes causes stress and can bring fear into our life when making decisions; most decisions include a financial component. But we have to listen to everyone telling us what to do throughout our lives: STRETCH! Oops, let’s try a gentler approach, “Stop trying, stop stretching, stop standing on tiptoes, let it go”. Let nature take its course with you moving ahead one step at a time and let’s see how much you will accomplish without stress and without competition.

What To Do When Money is Your Issue and You Need Help During COVID 19 #Empower Excellence


This is a tough time for all of us, and I am not sure that this is the best thing for you, but I am making an offer that might just help give you a glimmer of hope… With decades of experience in the financial professional industry, I began Empower Excellence in all reality in 2012 to help women with their money relationship. And, yes, I do get paid for my expertise, except when I don’t. Right now, I am offering a 30-minute complimentary phone consult, which does need to be scheduled as I am still working with clients and more. I will “listen”, I will share my thoughts on your money issue, and from there we see what can happen working together in this tough time. Why am I doing this? Because I want to help women get through this time in any way that is feasible for both you and for me. And Spirit suggested it to me today for my blog…Call me 440-670-2252

As Spring Breaks Through…

FAVA 3 20 17

Everyone goes through cycles, much like seasons, in their lives.  Noticing this morning how the water table in my backyard is showing more and more water on the surface, could be the sign of a vibrant Spring and a healthy Summer as the East is well watered for the coming seasons.

It is much the same with money in your life.  When you find money is plentiful, it is a preparation for a time when the money is not flowing as well.  Many would call this savings.  I would call it being mindful of the plentitude of money!  Know that money flows to you even when you are not thinking about money.  In fact, sometimes the more you think about money, or the lack of it, the less money flows your way as you fulfill your own thoughts of lack!  Stop it!

The Present Moment & Money…

Purple Present Moment

Money has no mind.  It makes no decisions.  It is totally at the whim of the person who holds it, or does not hold it.  Money is all in our mind, and in our mind is where we must begin to learn about money and how to live with it or live without it.  This comes on a day when I am “waiting” for the bank to rebate a large fee, “waiting” for a partner to commission me, and “waiting” for the fiscal agent to reimburse for expenses submitted 2 months ago.  Each of these items is not huge, but together they are pretty big.  Somehow to the people causing the “waiting”, these are not big items even though they are all “late”, very late!  In each case, the money I am “waiting” on is not the money of the folks holding up my financial life.  In the first case, it is an agreed upon rebate for my giving them my business; in the second case, it is  due me by agreement; and in the last, it is the case of bureaucratic government employees who do not even communicate a 2 month delay.  Yes, I do live in the moment, but the moments are sometimes painful.  My expectation is that people do the right thing; their expectation is that I am not important in their scheme of things.

So, in this moment, I see the money coming to me, in the moment.  Now, how do we get the banks, the government employees, and others to live in the moment, too?  That is the question for one who lives in the moment.

Money is a Topic of Conversation…

Priceless Conversations

Money as a topic of conversation has been avoided for many years.  Money was and is a private matter.  Money is nobody’s business.  And it goes on and on.  But the truth of the matter is that money is a wonderful topic of conversation as it brings the topic into the open, and, like so many other things, it makes it easier to share, easier to feel comfortable, and it is easier to solve problems with the right people…talking is a real problem solver!

Energy is Regenerative…

Positive Energy 4 3

Energy can be recreated and recreated over and over again…It is a simple process.  Begin with thinking in a positive way.  It is very simplistic to think this way; and yet it is the hardest thing to do when you are in a negative frame of mind.  When things are not going the way you wish, turning that around can seem insurmountable.  It is going back to living in the “Now”.  Can you, just for the moment, think of one positive thing in your life.  Let it bring a smile to your face.  Let your eyes see the beauty of one small thing.  The chemistry begins to change in the one small moment.  Moment by moment, the change begins: negative begins to become a little positive. If you cherish that moment, you have taken the next step.  Positive energy can regenerate itself.   Negative energy can regenerate itself.  Which will you choose?

Money is one of the most negative parts of many people’s lives.  This moment by moment process works well with money; and then one day you realize you are not thinking of money in a negative way.  You learn that the Universe will provide when you do the work, no matter how little, no matter how trivial.  And then a further day when you realize you have to consciously think about money; it does not invade your life any more.  And life does go on…  What will you choose for your money life?

Healing your money, healing the Earth?

Butterfly Bejeweled in Blue

There are so many thoughts about energy; but there are also some very basic energies in our personal lives, including love and fear.  In our personal money lives, if there is fear and worry about money, it takes away love in many parts of our lives.  But, if love is present in our money lives, it spreads the love to other parts of our lives.  It is so basic but it is so prevalent that fear rules money in our lives.  There may not be enough or there may be the presumption that there is never enough money in our lives.  And it keeps us from energizing the rest of our lives because the fear is the cloud hanging over our heads in every day life.  And, sooner or later, the issues around money, and its negative energy caused by fear, are pushed to our personal surfaces.  But think about this:  if there are many people with negative energy or fear around money, sooner or later, the fear spreads throughout a family, throughout a community, and more.  The energies of the Earth today are feeling this; and, eventually, the fear is a prevailing energy.  It will have to be healed.  Sometimes fear is only overcome when it is forced to the surface–of a person or the Earth–and then it has to be healed to survive.

sharing the power through sharing the energy

Positive Me

It is Sunday; yesterday’s

play day was an inexpensive day in Oberlin with the Green Energy Tour, the library, the farmers’ market, and a lecture on food science.  Good people, good energy.  It is amazing that in life in all areas we do attract the energy that we give off.  I left home for the 45 minute drive to Oberlin right after 8 a.m.  Got home close to 7 p.m., but I was high energy because this was a day that was just for me.  And everyone I met was a good person to talk with if only for the day.  I was spreading good vibes about Oberlin to people form Akron, Lyndhurst, Elyria, and elsewhere.  I love Oberlin, so it is easy for me to give off a good vibe and to receive good vibes in return.  Not once did I bring out a business card even though I came home with 3; it was a play day and I have to learn how to do “no business” day; I did it!  And I had fun with the only cost being the gas to drive there and a small amount of food during the day.  There have been times, because of money, that I would not “waste” the gas, spend money for “food out”; but it finds its way back in.  This came after a major unexpected expense on Friday.  But faith gets me through, and faith will continue to carry me.  I think positively in all parts of my life, money included, and make cuts where I must, but I enjoy my life; I enjoy my business; and I enjoy new things that make me grow as a person.   It is what I coach folks on, and it is what I have needed most in my life these last 4 years.  If you need faith, especially in regard to money, learn to enjoy your life while finding your Source of faith.  The vibes are great!