An Answer to a Problem: SPEAK!

A very wise woman, Katherine Miracle! It is simply the truth, and I thank her for it. If you are not participating in a conversation with others, and I you know you can have a conversation with your Inner Being, too, then you are relying on you yourself to identify any problems you are experiencing. A lot of time, anxiety, and worry can result. But bring in someone to talk to casually or formally, and the words of worry become spoken, they are “out there” where you can hear the unspoken words become spoken. Conversation many times can help identify the real problem and possibly a solution is found, many times by you. Simply speaking the words can begin the process of solution. A simple suggestion “Talk”. The thought behind AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is to SHARE, share the words and find your solution while sharing potential solutions with other women of all ages…Ageless!

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