You Really Are Not Alone…

It’s a Monday, and then there is Tuesday, and Wednesday… You know what I mean. When you live a life that is spiritually strong and provides the foundation for a sense of strong self esteem, you move through life with the overarching belief in yourself, but there are moments that sometimes stretch into more than moments that make you wonder why as such a strong individual that you feel like The Universe has punched you in the stomach. It is a moment full of feelings: loneliness, anger, and futility. Yes, you know you will be alright, but for the moment no matter how long it lasts, you are bearing a heavy load and many times you are bearing it alone. Family may not be appropriate to share with for many reasons. Friends may be not appropriate for many reasons. And sometimes your friends are also business acquaintances–cannot show them your down moments. Remember they all may see you as strong for they only see the moments of strength, the moments of success, and they do not need to see the heavy moments because you know they will pass. But remember that there are others who are moving down a similar path…they may understand all aspects of these moments…But also remember that is one of the basic tenets of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM…Sharing wisdom among the generations of women…Sharing

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