“The Lonely Burden…”

There are times when you feel lonely, but the Wall Street Journal article “The Lonely Burden of Today’s Teenage Girls” published in the weekend edition of August 17-18, found its way to my hands and eyes this evening. It touched me so that I am preparing tomorrow’s blog tonight before falling asleep. AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is open about the purpose of SHARING wisdom across the generations of women, but there is a haunting air about this that has touched my heart and soul…AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) has to reach into the current generation of teenage girls. The article line reads “Amid our vast experiment with social media, many american girls are becoming more anxious, solitary and risk averse.” And that is the main story line that social media is not healthy for our young women. In the final lines, “Times have changed, but girls’ needs haven’t.” Not only in families, but with other girls and women it is time to unplug and tell stories, laugh, work together and talk through life’s big questions. I think the part that hit my heart and soul is that this is exactly what AWW aims to do with women of all generations. AWW that warms my heart and I am open to creating a focus on teen girls through possibly partnering with a nonprofit…SHARE your thoughts please in the comments…and thank you

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