WHY Empower Excellence?

If you were to look at my entrepreneurial ventures today, you might ask how did this all begin? It is simple: I learned I had been given much in the form of education and experience, and that is power. It was up to me to use that power to empower others. So I did. I began Empower Excellence about 7 years ago to empower others with money, then I accepted the leadership of a networking group to empower others in business, and then this year I followed Divine Guidance to form AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. In truth, AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is now the prime empowerment movement for me. It is to empower women of all generations to SHARE WISDOM with each other: Participation Through Conversation in all forms! Secondary is PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CONNECTION in five Northeastern Ohio locations to SHARE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE between all members. The first and foundational effort founded first but all encompassing now is EMPOWER EXCELLENCE which focuses on Money Energy and powers all in my companies to be excellent. TRULY, IT IS PARTICIPATION IN EXCELLENCE THROUGH CONVERSATION in all three groups.

My suggestion to you this morning is to take the time and map out what your education and experience has been. It is not surprising to see the linkages between what you will find. Take the time to find out who you are and what you possess that is power and find a way, no matter how small, to use that power to empower others. It will bring to light the meaning that you bring into your world.

This is just another reason why AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM exists in my world and I am bringing it one person at a time to become a movement that truly is powerful…PARTICIPATION THROUGH CONVERSATION!

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