Awe, Isn’t This Selfish?

Growing up Catholic, we were taught to be kind and not to be selfish, and we all did as much of what we could to follow the rule of “what would Jesus do”? And then we grew up, we understood what we were taught, and we felt guilty when we began to take care of ourselves: our needs and our wishes and our dreams. The guilt was there, and the guilt deepened when we had a significant other and when we had families. We loved all of the “family” in our lives, but we began to feel an internal rumble that was identified as “guilt”. But we put the guilt aside because we had loved ones to care for. Most of us became part of a two wage earner family out of need for fulfillment and for cash flow, and more guilt grew. The years went on, we tried, especially as women to do it all: family, work, community. And, yes, there were times and ways we tried to include self care. Successful? Sometimes, sometimes not. And now, no matter our age, we have thoughts, we have dreams, we have visions, and the guilt sometimes rears its ugly head! For all of these reasons, for all women of all ages, for all who are caring for parents, for all who have been single parents, for all who have not chosen marriage and family, for those who are young and wondering how to “have it all”, for every woman, I have created with the help of many women so far this summer AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. All women, no matter the age, have wisdom. Sometimes, we just do not have the time to share it, but the wisdom is there to SHARE. Stay tuned and begin to believe that Self Care is not selfish.

SELF CARE IS THERE TO SHARE …ageless women of wisdom is there to help you SHARE…for YOU have Wisdom to SHARE! Please contact me to learn more or COMMENT on this page.

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