Make the Dream You Envision REAL!

Life is many moments in which you can choose to dream and talk about your dream. When you envision it, you make it possible. But to make it real, you have to schedule it. Please do not stop reading because you believe this is going to turn into a lecture or a seminar or worse. Tony Robbins and so many others have built their businesses on thoughts like these because they are needed, but I want to take a different approach. Making your dream a reality is a big step but the first thing is to find the dream. What will make your life better? Many will not take the time to find that dream, identify it, and then move onto the step of envisioning it. In a way, I am telling you to daydream, see the dream in your mind’s eye. Some will tell you not to share the dream, but that is up to you. Some of us need to SHARE to make the dream real, and it is not just accountability. Accountability is good, but, if the dream is real, you will hold yourself accountable. And that personal accountability, remembering your Higher Power within you, is within you. If you have found your dream, and you envision it, scheduling it is good. But I am going one step further…I have had a very busy, productive year with a dream that I had not planned to undertake at all. And there have been major obstacles in spite of my obsession for planning. But I have stayed on my path without compromising. I have learned much about those who appeared to care about my dream, and I have learned their real motivation as well as mine. And the vision is becoming real every day. Now I am learning to trust the inner wisdom, I am sharing the inner wisdom of Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW), and I am not pushing myself on the path but listening to the inner wisdom giving me the directions of what to do with each moment knowing that a total schedule does not always work for me because I am on my path and I am wise enough to know that what inner wisdom tells me is the way to proceed! And I know that all is well and each step for AWW is appearing as it should!

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