Set Yourself Free…

Today’s blog is plain and simple: only you can set yourself free from any cage in any part of your life! In the last few days, the political climate following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton has turned ugly and sickening. And it affects all of us. Yes, I have a circle and it is wide. When that political ugliness hurts one of my friends of many years who happens to be a US Senator from Ohio, I literally felt trapped in a cage of nausea. But enough is enough…

Another part of life is your professional life, and my circle no longer inspires for the most part. I am the only one who can let me recreate the circle, in other words, get out of the cage I am in. I began reading CLOCKWORKS last night, and I am out of the cage, reinventing my circle. And two good examples appeared last evening in emails. Enough is enough…

Are you in a circle or in a cage? Ageless Women of Wisdom was born to help women leave their cage and find their circle of wisdom, no matter the age of anyone in the feminine gender who can share their wisdom with others, including men and women. But let’s create the circle of women of wisdom first, let’s free the women of all ages who find themselves in cages of action, thought, and more…Because enough is enough!

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