Women of all Ages, THE CITY OF GIRLS from Elizabeth Gilbert…So AWE!

This weekend was a battle of wills between me and a book! Seriously, the book was overdue and I just could not get into it…I think I made it to page 8. The serious thought was to return it to the Oberlin Library, but there was a compulsion, almost an obsession to not return it. For some reason, I was receiving the message from my inner Source that I had to read this book. So, Sundays are personal days for journaling and pulling together my head for the coming week. I also watch Joel Osteen, Sunday Morning, Meet the Press, and more sometimes. But the day is mine to replenish from the previous week.

It took me the whole day into the evening late but the almost 500 pages were read and cried through in the past chapters. Sleep came easy as usual, meditation occurred around 4 a.m. and then I realized, meditation does that to me–gives me answers to questions I may have not even asked, why I had to read CITY OF GIRLS by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The book is the story of New York City and a cast of characters, mainly female–girls–of all ages through all stages of their adult lives and their personalities and relationships and the wisdom they do and they do not share with each other. They truly learn from each other no matter their age. The main character, a recent dropout from Vassar, remains with us until in her 90’s as she shares throughout the book her life story with a much younger woman who remains a mystery to the last chapters of the book. The names are not important to my sharing in this blog. The reason I had to read it was because it is the theory behind AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

And that theory is that women of all ages in conversations share what they need to share to help women of all ages. When the wisdom is shared, many learn what might have helped them at some time in their life and what might help others as they continually age. Women share to help other women as they help themselves resolve issues in their own lives. Lifelong issues find solutions by all of the characters over time as the friendships develop and dissolve in some cases. And death also plays a part as it does in life. It took almost 500 pages for CITY OF GIRLS to have all of the necessary conversations. It is now my hope that AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM as it grows will provide the scenarios for women of all ages to find their answers from other women through conversations they help create…

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