Your Lane, Your AWEsome Road is THE ROAD…

Time is its own element. We can try to control it, to make things happen on our time schedule, but just like a freeway we cannot control the traffic. The best we can do is to find our lane and allow the flow of traffic to show itself. Have you ever felt that way? It is difficult to learn, isn’t it, to find the natural rhythm of your life. But when you do, you will discover a force far greater than anything you ever thought you possessed. This has happened many times for me, and it keeps changing. Have you witnessed a game changer of a day? Did your light begin to burn or burn brighter? Did you discover your inner warrior? For some reason today the song WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS is playing nonstop in my head, and now it could very well begin to play in yours. So snatch your power back, burn your light brighter, and begin to play the game in your lane and flow through life like the freeway when it flows! Your road is your AWEsome road!

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