When Talking Money is Fear

It is a Saturday. It is a day when you like to sleep in just a little, enjoy your coffee a little more, and your mind is in a Saturday lazy mood. It is exactly the time to think of the fear of money talk.

You are not alone: 62% of women would rather talk about their own death than money!

One reason for this is that women at any age–any age–have no financial role models. Why is this important? Knowledge is power, and women of all ages want knowledge and power. They want gender-savvy advisors to empower and educate them.

It is time to bust through money taboos. It is time to lead discussions on women, money, power. It it time to break the money silence. We have led in the formation of entrepreneurial small businesses. All women-owned businesses are lifestyle businesses. We have made those businesses our own. Why are we afraid to bust through the money talk.

Let’s start talking about money! Start by simply sitting there this Saturday morning with your morning coffee and breathe in love. We can do the money talk because we love our lives and money is a part of all of our lives. Let’s start talking about money, let’s learn, let’s educate ourselves through each other. Let’s take the power that is ours with money!


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