When Will Spring EMERGE?

It is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time today, but to look out the window, this is not Spring…the old adage is “Spring Forward” for the time change. In Ohio it is totally gray and the temperature hit its high of 41 several hours ago. It is 39 degrees right now. Unremarkable for Ohio in March, but, the bigget weather event is the wind! 26 mph in Oberlin this hour…Working in my office, the sound of the wind is the diversion from Sunday gray!

The wind is emerging from the blah weather picture, and it reminds me that an emergence usually occurs when “something has to change”! I love my life, and I am happy most moments. Not too unlike most other women who are old enough to have experienced many of life’s occasions: marriage, divorce, childbirth, infertility, adoption, dysfunction, dating in older years, career success, career failure, entrepreneurial ventures, death, birth of grandchildren, and more, I am still “emerging”. Not too surprising as I have the intention of living at least to 104. I am fully aware of the limitations that can occur, but they can occur in your teens, your twenties of or any other decade of life. “Emerging” helps you change while being flexible in every sense of the word.

It is no wonder that my business and my life are patterned deliberately like a butterfly’s. I live in the moment, whether as a caterpillar, a chrysalis, or a butterfly. I learn in each moment, and I move on when the Universe decides it is time. Yes, I am a woman, I am ageless, and I am emerging. I think the phrase if “Ageless Women Emerging!”


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