The Emotions of Opinions…

We learn our way, we have our emotions, we have our feelings, and we form opinions from all of that. To us, it is truth. Everything in life is just the way it is, and every person has their belief in what their life is, and that is different for every person. This is their truth; this is my truth. Each of us, different as we are, are an integral part of the universal flow. While we hold our personal truth to be sacred, we can still accept everything as it is without trying to change anyone. That is acceptance, but it does not mean we are without feelings, emotions, or opinions . And with the force of life flowing through my mind and my body, the feelings and the emotions can reach their “limit”, and, while dangerous, we are free in the creative parts of our lives to share those opinions with emotion and feeling. And still, the message is not complete until the reader creates their interpretation and personal message. That is the communication model. End of story. Period.

If we, as people and creatives, are to poll every possible response to our work, and our work is personal, we would never publish a word! Instead we surrender to life. We feel, we write, we publish. And, when we write our truth, we are living and speaking in integrity.

And when we live and speak and write in integrity, people can be intimidated. As a strong woman of integrity, I do not intimidate. Only the individual can allow themselves to be intimidated. It is their place to find their truth and their integrity and to stand in their resulting self worth.

In a clear departure from this, in a recent instance when my well known feelings were put into published words and were offensive to a few family members, written apologies for the impact the words produced were sent. While critiques came furiously with my written word, personal responses to the apologies were nonexistent.

The conundrum for me is that my emotions and feelings that pushed me to the “limit” are as true today as they were for the years and decades before the words were published. Am I going to pretend my truth is no longer my truth? I am a strong woman with integrity. It saddens me that this even occurred especially for those who had no part but who also have no voice.

I surrender to my life and to my higher power. It’s a way of being. It’s being life. It has been a total initiation into being a wild woman, and I am. And, as I have always been, I am a part of the Universal flow…feelings, emotions, opinions and all.

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