BeachGlass & Butterflies…Truly Transformation, but Different!

Beach Glass and Butterflies are Manifestations of Transformation…the same but oh so different…

The transformation of beach glass is the changing of a natural gift of the Universe, through corporate hands, and then the release of the corporate effect back to nature.  There has already been one transformation, but now the beach glass becomes a treasure of nature which can be a gift found by any one of us to transform it again…or let it just be.

The butterfly’s transformation is quite different.  It is always a butterfly albeit its beginning is different than being a butterfly.  But the transformation is truly life changing and totally natural.  

One thing most people might not really think about…the grain of sand that becomes glass is a living thing.  Really!  It is alive just the same as the caterpillar.  But how the change is accomplished is so different.  My meditation is so very active lately…and this transformation comparison was front and center this morning.  I am a living thing, but I have believed, I have become, and now I am.  My transformation really started as I was totally discontent with my corporate involvement; I left; I changed slowly away from the corporate life and influence.  It was like I was a caterpillar thinking the world was over, and I became a butterfly.  Another part of me is now beach glass.  I am becoming a treasure to me first, and I am believing in that possibility while becoming the butterfly spreading its wings, and I am becoming.  But in the beginning I was a grain of sand that was pulled from my natural self by the corporate world, but once released back into nature, I found myself the caterpillar, and the rest is still becoming and being all at once.

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