Welcome Self Healing as a Path to JOY!

I Blieve in Light

You are a healer!  You are a light worker!  You can heal your thoughts, you can heal your emotions, and you can heal your body.  Don’t believe me?  Read the late Louise Hay’s work, among others, on healing your body, healing your life.  It is true, once you heal your body–any part of it–you are healing your life.  Once you heal your life, you are back to the primal feeling of JOY!

More than that, as you heal, you renew…

And, while you are at it, heal your money relationship.  You will find while you are healing your thoughts, your emotions, and your bodies, money may just become a whole lot simpler for you.  You have given away your power in many parts of your life, including your money.  It is time to take it back!  This is not selfish or egotistical!  But money many times is not a solo journey–family members, friends, and more are all a part of your money relationship.  Take back your primal powers of your mind, your heart, and your body, and spiritual healing may very well occur, and money has a role in our spiritual lives.  It is time to express your joy, your tenderness, and your caring–Start with the most important person in your life–YOU!  Be your own light worker and heal YOU!


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