The High Quality of Energy…Resilience

Spiritual Energy 5

As we continue to begin building a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, and continuing the definition and meaning of ENERGY, Resilience is a treasured holistic characteristic.

Youthful ENERGY is maintained in Resilience.  It represents the quality of ENERGY in a holistic way more than food and exercise.  Deepak Chopra has spoken of ENERGY at birth being used 70% to build the brain, and he has also coined the word BodyMind.  At birth, the body knows where the ENERGY has to go while as we grow and mature we need to be able to organize our ENERGY throughout our BodyMind.  The secret to successfully organizing ENERGY lies in Resilience, the ability to dynamically be flexible, to bounce back mentally as well as physically and emotionally.  

Two extreme needs for Resilience are Sleep and Reducing Stress.  Sleep and Stress can impact the quality of ENERGY.  Period.  These two factors increase or decrease the quality of ENERGY.  In both areas, making positive choices over negative choices in all things are crucial to Resilience and to quality ENERGY.

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    Great post 😁


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