The Future is Yours…


Following my recent post on living in the NOW with your money and your life, I want to add this one on the “Future”!

Being in the NOW, it is a perfect time to dream about your future.  Contradictory?  I do not think so.  Every idea you have has the potential to go out and become part of your life’s vortex, or treasure chest, for the future.  Of course, some will stay with you, some will depart as quickly as they come .  My friend Esther Hicks (Abraham) offers that all it takes is 17 seconds to have an idea take root, and do four sessions of 17 seconds, and it will definitely take root.  Your mind, your heart, and your soul will begin to take the idea seriously and begin to quietly work on it.  It is reticular activation in my words meaning that the brain will begin to look for answers to make the idea a reality.  Your thoughts do become things…be careful what you think!

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