Beginning to Live: Where Am I Going?

Happy Saturday SnoopyI am choosing on this Saturday to jump into the fray to do what I want to manifest what is mine to have:  I can then say “I did it!”  I am in control, nothing comes out of the blue, it comes out of the oblivious (quoting Esther Hicks).  I can sense what is coming; I am expecting what is coming from my thoughts.  I shared the desire with my daughter in law today about moving to Aurora in the coming years.  My road trip to Aurora this week is now my “Sequel to Oberlin” .  I visited Walden, and, yes, I do want to live there, and, yes, it is possible.  I moved to Oberlin to find out if it was a “romantic notion”, and, yes, it is.  But what I gained is what I was supposed to realize:  I love where I live because it is quiet, it is nature, and I have walked through the personal landmines of health that were repetitive.  I have seen The Universe move in ways with my family that I did not foresee; and for me the meaning of “grandchildren” has become apparent.  It has also provided me with the next chapter after Aurora:  ” The Florida Sequal named ‘Keith'”.  It all works in my mind today on Saturday, June 9th.  The Universe will guide me as it guided me to Oberlin 16 months ago, and The Universal GPS is working!

So, now what, on this Saturday…The Universe and my Inner Being know what I am all about…I am in the receptive mood, I am happy, I am well, and I am staying in this vibration…I believe I can create my castle in the woods slowly but surely to get me out of the malaise I have been in.  I do not have to try harder; I have to relax and let The Universe, my Inner Being, flow all from my vortex.  Walden was a favorite from high school, and it has been with me for all these years; and I am giving myself the permission to flow into the real Walden for me in Aurora, Ohio.  

I deserve all that is flowing to me:  my sons, my grandsons, my talent, my creativity, my health–I feel wonderful and I have to continue to be of advantage to myself:  my self worth needs to continue growing, and I am beginning all that I expect for me.  And I will do it all with ease; the money will flow with ease… 


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