Let the Universe Float You…

Let go

During this time of R-Evolution with Money, prepare to be surprised.  I intentionally planned to use a gift 🎁 certificate to a float therapy experience until yesterday, June 1, the beginning of Summer.  And I was surprised on many levels…

Beginning with Money, the experience was a manifested gift 🎁!  Then, totally relaxed, I went food shopping.  Money 💰 in, money 💴 out!  Balance.  Then I stressed; after all, this is a Money R-Evolution, it won’t be perfect!

On my drive back to Oberlin, my ego contemplated making several phone calls to folks I have not talked to, for good reason, this calendar year.  I persisted and did not because I was driving.  Then, because meditation has turned in the direction of Thoreau’s Walden as I move forward…. I stopped at the library for a copy of the book, which was there.  But also there was Dr. Christiane Northrup’s DODGING ENERGY VAMPIRES…  The rest is still unwritten, but 65 pages in, it is already truly life changing…

Money stress always returns in the morning, and it did; but so did the wisdom of The Universe.  Everything I meditated with had to do with my Money mind in a very good way…grateful, I went into my individual silent meditation, and then my mind went into total regression…

Today will be spent finishing the book, hibernating, and journaling with the beautiful Fall-type weather for a lifelong water fear became ready to be resolved, and Money flow will also be resolved along with forgiveness and proper resistance to allow energy to flow where it has always been meant to go.  All because of float therapy and a book, and I let go!






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