Abundance is good for all, including…

Simplicity Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome can hit at any time,,,it sure can!  That shiny object can be as small as a holiday tree ornament or as large as a new home or new car!  And most shiny objects are not “needs”; they are definitely “wants”.  And what can the cure for this be?

A long time ago I addressed this question when my EMPOWER course was created:  it is a “simple” discussion of “needs” and “wants” and how to differentiate between them.  Is it a cure?  I am sure that many folks could continue on in their quest of the next new shiny object, but it does give you reason to pause and question your personal motivation for the desire for the “shiny object”.

But, “abundance” when cited can be the underlying solution.  And, when I talk about “abundance”, it is not simply money that is being referred to.  Abundance can be all of the gifts of The Universe.  For example, in 60 seconds, I will name just a few:  sun, moon, clouds, water, wind, air, friends, trees, plants, mountains, heat, cold, family, home, travel, love, faith, happiness, money, etc.  And I am sure you can mention many more including health!

The “needs” are basic:  food, clothing, shelter; refer back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  But they are also personal as to what part of the “needs” are basic and when do they become “wants”.  Something to ponder indeed.  

Another part of the solution or the “shiny object syndrome” is gratitude.  And that can be as simple as being thankful that I am able to write a blog that makes sense, and it is also having the technology and vehicle to share my blog.  So thank you, and I will be aware of my abundance and offer gratitude for it.


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