Flow, You Know…


Have you ever been to Venice?

The waterways and the canals are beautiful when the water flows where it is supposed to go.  When I went to Venice in the Spring of the year, there were raised wooden walkways all over the city because they had gone through a flooding period, but they were prepared.  They recognized and dealt with the reality of where they lived.  There was flow, and then there was flow…but it was accepted.  They did not want to change the flow, they just wanted to be real about it.

FLOW is a good thing with money as well, especially for entrepreneurs.  Cash flow can drive you crazy if you let it.  Learn to know the flow, and you can manage your expectations.

But I love flow with money and with other parts of my life.  Too often we pin abundance only on money, but FLOW and abundance can be in all parts of our life!  I love when projects I am working on flow, I love when clients realize that flow will change their lives when they learn to go with it.  FLOW is like the electrical current moving through your body…FLOW is energy!  When the FLOW is missing, the energy is missing.  Bring back the energy and watch the FLOW, you know!

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