The Transformation…

6 27 16 Miller Julia female again

Only a moment, and it can change the outlook of each of us.  Just like the butterfly; one moment a caterpillar, then in a chrysalis and then wings…

Our lives with money can be the same way.  We are moving along like a caterpillar knowing who we are, for the moment, and then things change.  Money is fickle, and it is unpredictable.  Of course, those who work for someone else with a regular paycheck think they have this conquered until they don’t.  Jobs are eliminated, companies are sold, companies move, illness sets in.  There is no guarantee that your money will be coming when it is supposed to.  

And for those of us who are entrepreneurial, we may have said goodbye to corporate America, and we may have made it so far in our business pursuits that we are still standing, but we are dependent upon the cash flow provided by those who are served by our businesses.  There are no guarantees.

Just like the butterfly, there are no guarantees.  As a caterpillar, they have no clue as to the color or pattern of butterfly wings they will have.  Like the butterfly, I believe we all have to live on faith.  We have the faith that we are doing what is right for us, and that it will all work out.  I know I am.  

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