Clearing the Way to My Destination!

Flying Leap Hummingbird

I love hummingbirds, and I love butterflies!  No one ever tells baby hummingbirds that they can fly, and butterflies, I am sure, in the midst of their major transformation are never given a course on flying.  They just trust, have faith, and just do it!  They learn as they go!  

Tomorrow is the last day of 2017.  A memorable sort of day as it is my youngest son’s birthday.  His birth changed my life in many ways.  While I was married, I never felt right leaving him on his birthday to go out and celebrate New Years’ Eve.  Then when I was a single parent, I no longer refer to myself as divorced, I am single, leaving a child with a babysitter on their birthday seemed almost obscene to me.  So for years, we celebrated as a family at home with sparkling grape juice and calling cousins to wish them happy New Year.  Then, when he was old enough to drive, he began his own tradition of traveling on his birthday.  By then, my social life was pretty much done because I wanted to be reachable from the start when his first trip was to Toronto for his birthday!  

All is good because a 25-year relationship ended 10 years ago, about 25 years too late!  I no longer drink, and I find in my wiser state that most men absolutely do not capture my interest.  I have found me, and I like me, and I like the newest movement of solo marriage.  Much simpler!  

Five years into my business and my move to Oberlin, Ohio, finds me in a much calmer place in life.  My business went on hiatus this past year with the move, but now, having tossed aside several whims that were never meant to be, I am finding me and my mission to be alive and exciting once again.  This year was the year of choosing my destination and clearing the way to get there.  Yes, it is a Saturday, and I have spent the morning in self care at Splash Zone in Oberlin and on a phone call with my birthday son.  It has been a very productive morning.  

If you watch my “Money in Transition” Live moments on Facebook, you already know that I also found my red sun glasses!  That made me happy!  Simple things do.  I also ran across some notes from a book written in 2014 written by Roger James Hamilton “The Millionaire Master Plan”.  What caught my eye were levels of progress of the Millionaire Master Plan.  Very briefly, I want to run them by you:

They happen to be colors, and I love colors!

  • Infrared (The Victim Phase) which for me was the growing deeper and deeper in debt.
  • Red (The Survivor Phase) put me in a place with just enough to survive.  But it was also a time of mastering personal FLOW!
  • Orange (The Worker Phase) do anything to survive and make a living!
  • Yellow (The Player Phase) which for me was forging my own journey to becoming financially successful.
  • Green (The Performer) had me leading a team and mastering my market!
  • Blue (The Conductor Phase) where running and growing the networking groups beginning in 2013 with multiple teams creating multiple streams!
  • Indigo (The Trustee)  where I had earned the trust of the market.
  • Violet (The Composer) mastering my personal global flow
  • and, finally, Ultraviolet!  This is where I am becoming a legend where I make my rules and I am slowly becoming a symbol of my time and wiser than ever before!

So what does this mean as we are entering 2018?  My future vision has me reaching all of my goals through focusing on FLOW!  I am beginning to see the predictability of my main business where I am dealing with the demands of time, money, and relationships.  I am beginning to measure my cash inflow, and at the same time I am committed to my conduct!  That really has taken form in the months since I moved to Oberlin, mostly by trial and error!  I am blazing my path in the Infrared phase.  I am linking my future vision to the growth of steady cash flow.  It is the lesson of looking after me first.  

Several years ago, following the publication of The Four Agreements, Ruiz wrote the followup The Fifth Agreement which simply put equated reaching the state where you simply do not care what others think with peace and success!  I am now at that stage.  No matter who the relationship is, please take me as I am or let me go!  I am Ultravioet, and I love it.  2018 is a great year already…



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