It Started with Energy, and It Became…

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Way back in the late 1990″s, I was working a great deal with women in the financial services industry.  It was not a predetermined niche market, but it became that way because I tend to have a good relationship building model with women.  And that eventually led to me reading a book by Maria Nemeth called THE ENERGY OF MONEY.  Yes, it started with my energy work in reiki and meditation and more, but it led me right into the field of financial services.  This was a departure of a book, and I really took to the theory behind it.  Moving forward through the years, Maria Nemeth was my go to author until she no longer was.  

Through the years, all people, but women especially, began to look for quick fixes with their money relationship and a very involved, interactive book no longer did it.  Too much time, too much work!  There was once a brave Unity minister who worked with me to present a 12-week program based on the book, and that had a very short life.  People want easy!  People want quick!  And that is why most people do not have the money relationship they crave.  They want the quick fix, but they ae not willing to spend the time to unpeel all of the money myths, mis-teachings, and more they have learned.

In the 90’s I did a lot of group programs, but money is too personal to speak about in a group.  So I began personal sessions, since money is personal, and grouped them into easy-to-do series that could be done at first in person and now on Skype.  That is a good model because people want a confidant with their money.  They also want someone who will not, cannot, sell them product, or represent a company they do not want to align with.  And, with great criticism by other financial professionals in the beginning, I let my securities licenses go.  I had to believe in what I was and what I am doing.  I am helping the clients improve their knowledge of financial decision making; I am not improving a corporate America’s firm’s bottom line!  

It is all about energy, beginning with the person, and expanding into every part of the person’s life.  The secret is finding where the energy is lacking and why; and then it is up to me as the coach and the client to lay out a pattern to change and create the new energy they are seeking throughout their life including money.

The money is a s vital as life; empowering someone to really understand and make financial decisions empowers them in every part of their life.  That is what I do; that is what my mission is.  I learned this with 5 years in banking and 12 years in the traditional financial planning field.  I was good at what I did; perhaps too good.  Corporate America does not want an advisor who really takes a lot of time with clients.  It is a game of “get them in the door, sign the papers, sell the product, and keep the relationship going because that is what brings in more money over the years.”  Yes, I do have a number of financial professionals who I believe are great with clients while keeping corporate America happy.  It can be done.  It just was not what was right for me with my clients!  

So, today, in 2017, I am rededicating myself to the concept behind Empower Excellence, and that is helping clients learn how to make financial decisions all across the spectrum.  This can be from choosing the right financial professional to understanding what decisions are necessary through various financial transitions  to do what it is a client wants to do:  enter a relationship, leave a relationship, create the right career path, change career paths, how to work with aging parents in the final years of life to leave a legacy, and more.  I do not work alone; I work with many different areas of professionals, and that is also part of my success.  I do not know all of the answers; but I do now most of the questions that need to be asked about money throughout a person’s life.

Knowing the questions and setting a client out on the right path can make a world of difference with them and their money, and that is just a part of what I do.

And, I am working with an increasing number of clients in 2018 with client slots being booked currently.  Please do not hesitate to call me, I do call you back, and I begin with a 30-minute complimentary consultation.  It is all about finding the right path for you and your money.

Janice Marie Litterst


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