Clarity Trumps Being Overwhelmed!

Born to Be

Money at this time of the year with presents and parties and bills and more can be quite overwhelming.  But it can also be changed in a matter of mere seconds by taking the time to become clear.  Nine months ago today I moved to Oberlin, Ohio, a place where many of my visitors have shared that there is a special energy here.  Like many in a new place, I did become overwhelmed in those first months, and I am taking the time, now that I became very ill, to go back to the simplicity of my soul for starters.  I have shed many time users in the place of people and activities.  It has been a slow process, but it is working very slowly.  But it is working!

Every morning I have a meditation time.  Yes, it starts my day later than I would like, but it is a very necessary part of my day especially during this time of realignment.  It is a very useful method when overwhelmed…to take whatever it is you are working on back to its simplest form.  My focus is now to realign my financial transitional coaching back to where it was originally intended to be, and it is working slowly but surely.  It is a constant reminder to me that I have to go back to where I was born to be and to see what it is I am supposed to see.  Everything else is handled quickly and put aside.

There is a lesson for everyone here when working on your money relationship.  Simplify your soul with money for starters.  There is no secret that everyone has intuition, and it is the intuition that gives us the messages we are supposed to hear, to follow, and to live with.  It is an emotional GPS, but we have to become quiet to learn to hear it.  This is clarity.  Please remember that you do not need to do everything, you only have to do the next right thing as you are guided to do it NOW!


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